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The wondrous Sabudana – 10 health benefits of the miracle food.

Team BetterButter | April 12, 2019

The wondrous Sabudana – 10 health benefits of the miracle food.

It is a popular breakfast food, a mid-meal snack and the favourite Navratri fasting food, and guess what, it is healthy! Yes, it is sabudana. It is a delicacy and is consumed in the form of khichdi, cutlet or kheer, in most Indian households. It’s rich in carbs and low in fats, so this is the ideal food to take for those who wish to cut down on some calories. Not only this, we have lined up the best health benefits of Sabudana for you.

1.Helps Muscle building:

Sabudana is a rich source of protein and helps in muscle building, repairs damaged cells and tissues and also help in cell growth and strengthening. So vegetarians, turn to sabudana for your daily protein intake.

  1. Aids digestion:

Sabudana is a pure form of starch and carbohydrates. Hence, it is not only easy to digest but is also good for the digestive system. If a baby has constipation, feed him sabudana and he will be at ease then. Dietary fibre can speed up the digestive process and rebalance the healthy gut bacteria.

  1. Weight loss and helps in healthy Weight gain:

Sabudana helps in healthy weight gain .If you wish to gain weight naturally or to prevent weight loss during the fast, add tapioca to your diet. Sago is quite economical and helps to gain some pounds faster.

  1. Provides instant Energy:

Eat a bowl of soaked sabudana with a dash of chilli powder, salt and crushed peanuts to fight fatigue after a hectic day. Also, when one observes fast, people tend to feel weak. As it is loaded with carbohydrates, Sabudana will make you feel energetic in a matter of minutes.

  1. Regulates blood pressure:

The potassium content in Sabudana will keep your blood pressure under check. It also helps in proper blood circulation and maintaining the blood pressure level in the body, especially during the time when you are fasting.

  1. Helps strengthen bones:

Rich in iron and calcium, Sabudana helps in maintaining bone health. It also helps prevents osteoporosis and other bone conditions.

  1. Regulate Body Temperature:

Sabudana which is rich in potassium helps in providing a cooling effect to the body. Especially during fast when the body gets dehydrated.

  1. Control Cholesterol Level :

There is no added oil in sabudana and it helps to control the cholesterol level and prevents the risk of heart problems.

So after reading this, not only this Navratri  but even in your daily routine enjoy the flavours of Sabudana and gain from many health benefits of it.


Image Sources: Kirana, Wikimedia Commons