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These Breakfast Mistakes might be making you Gain Weight!

Nithya Lakshmi | September 4, 2018

Breakfast is the main meal of the day as it kick starts your metabolism for the entire day. So having a healthy breakfast is mandatory. There is an old saying that says have breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper. However, you still have to keep an eye on all that you eat as part of your morning meal. Are you wondering why is it so? Well, eating the right type of food in the morning will contribute to your weight management regime. You can put an end to your weight gain issues when you have the right type of food every morning. So avoid the below listed six mistakes and see how that ends your weight gain issues like a breeze!


1) Skipping Breakfast

Many people skip their breakfast and later binge eat as per their convenience which is not at all advisable. When you are planning to diet in order to reduce that extra fat from your body, having a proper and filling breakfast is essential. Your body will be in an energy release mode overnight and it requires a proper meal to gear up its metabolism. Skipping breakfast will further slow down the rate of metabolism, thereby hindering your weight loss plan.


2) Inadequate Protein Consumption

When you have lesser than the required protein for the day, you will automatically tend to feel hungry more often. This will lead to eating more in between every main meal. Eating the right amount of protein in the morning will certainly keep you filled up and put an end to your cravings. Eating nuts, veggies, beans and eggs will boost your energy levels for the day.


3) Opting for High-Carb Food

Though having carbs in your breakfast is a must, having the right amount of carbs and having good carbs is imperative. You simply can’t go with those pancakes or muffins with extra sugar toppings. That will certainly ruin your weight management routine. Choose the right carbs like greek yogurt, berries, nuts, eggs, oatmeal and balance it with protein-rich food. Complex carbs help in controlling your blood sugar levels, control fat storage and provide more energy.


4) Adding Sugar Syrup

Those toasts, corn flakes and muffins with yummy syrups on top might be delicious for the moment and they might even make you feel fresh and filled but they can make you end up feeling lethragic very soon due to the amount of sugar present in them. Besides that, they supply too many extra calories to your body. Instead, go for protein and fiber rich food and check how active you remain throughout the day.


5) Coffee with Add-Ons

For many, fetching a large cup of coffee every morning is more than enough, but it  doesn’t end there. Whipped cream or a syrup or loads of sugar in your cold coffee is more than enough to ruin your weight loss program. The more the sugar, the more the calories! And breaking them down gets even tougher. So a small cup of plain coffee along with the required proteins will keep you healthy.


6) Having a Late Breakfast

Not only eating the right type of food but eating at the right time also contributes majorly towards weight reduction. If you are going to have a late breakfast, you are likely to eat more than the usual quantity. So ensure you eat your morning meal within an hour of waking up.


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