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Warning Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in your Body

Nithya Lakshmi | September 4, 2018

Warning Signs of Hormonal Imbalance in your Body

Hormonal changes needn’t necessarily occur only during menopause or during your monthly cycle. An imbalance in your hormones can also occur due to various conditions. It most commonly arises in the early 30’s or in the late 50’s. It can be due to some medications or they can be signs of an unhealthy body. So, be acquainted with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and take the required measures for healthy living.

Some warning signs of hormonal imbalance in your body include:

1) Lack of Sleep

Progesterone helps you to sleep better and for longer hours. If your body has a lack of this particular hormone, chances are, you are likely to stay awake. Another possibility for insomnia or lack of sleep is  a decrease in oestrogen levels. This is the condition during pre-menopause and post-menopause, which in turn leads to hot flashes and disturbed sleep.


2) Breast Changes

Due to a decrease or an increase in the estrogen levels, the density of the breast tissues gets affected. A lower estrogen level reduces the tissue density in the breast and a higher estrogen level may lead to a cyst or unusual growth in the breast. So consult your doctor if you find any such symptoms.


3) Hair Loss

While you might be wondering and analyzing your oil and shampoo for your hair loss, the real reason might be something else. It might be a hormonal imbalance that is causing severe hair fall. A decrease or changes in the thyroid or insulin levels may lead to severe hair fall. You should always consult a doctor to confirm the same.


4) Mood Swings

Another very common symptom of hormonal imbalance is frequent mood changes. Women are very sensitive during those times when there is a change in the level of hormones. They tend to react with extreme levels of anger, irritability or anxiety. A mood swing during your PMS is common and predictable. But if that is the case during other days as well, then you must have check your diet and consult your doctor. Avoid triggers from compounds such as sodium, sugar and caffeine.


5) Frequent Headaches

Headaches are very common and might arise due to various reasons and health conditions, especially during your monthly cycle. But if you often face a headache for no particular reason, then it is due to a decrease in the estrogen levels in your body. This impacts your brain and the metabolism in your body. Hence, you might end up with a severe headache or a migraine. Consulting your doctor is advisable to get a solution to this.


6) Sudden Change in Weight

A sudden drop or gain in weight for no particular reason is a warning sign of a hormonal imbalance. When there is a change in the estrogen and cortisol levels, there is a chance for more fat storage in the body. You tend to eat more sugar and fat-based food to feel better and fight the mood swings. This, in turn, leads to you putting on more pounds. Also, check your thyroid levels as these have a direct impact on your rate of metabolism. 


7) Sweating

Sudden and heavy sweating for no particular reason is again a sign of hormonal imbalance. Mostly, hot flashes and sweating might occur due to our internal temperature increasing from whatever runs in our mind. If it wasn’t about your thought process or your emotions, then it certainly has to do with your hormones. Check with your doctor and start hormone balance therapy for the same.


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