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Things that Happen only in Bollywood and not in Real Life!

Ankit Kumar | June 28, 2018

A sane mind knows the difference between facts and fiction. Regrettably, the same can’t be said for many of the scenes in Bollywood movies, which have a practically crazy and unrealistic logic. I can tell you that even the wildest fantasies in your dreams can become a reality in Bollywood.

Let’s have a look at some of the crazy things which can happen only in Bollywood.

1) Everybody knows your Dancing Steps

Just make up your mind to dance and start off with a few steps. You will see a miracle happening. Everyone in the vicinity of this dance will stop doing their regular work and start matching their steps to your steps.


2) Wake up Looking Too Good

Sleeping in luxurious clothes and waking up with full makeup and gorgeous-looking hair. No frizzy hairs, no tired looks, completely ready to rock a party! Things do not happen this way in real life! 


3) Flying Vehicles

Scripting and filming of car chase sequences in Bollywood movies at times defies physics in an attempt to give the viewer an awesome experience. As a result, the concerned cars go for a toss, blow up and even get stuck on giant wheel rides.


4) Never Run out of Bullets

The protagonist/antagonist of an action movie can fire as many bullets as they want without ever reloading their guns. Even the sharpest minds involved in designing weapons are far from achieving such a feat.


5) One Person Beating Up a Gang of People

A group of 20 people attack the protagonist who is tied with ropes. But somehow the protagonist breaks free only when he decides to, with just brute strength. There is no chance the attackers will overwhelm him; instead they decide to take on him one by one and he beats all of them up. Kudos to the Bollywood action directors for creating such scenes.


6) Getting Superpowers from Aliens

Have you ever met an alien who gives you magical powers that beefs you up, makes you smarter and crazily levels up your basketball skills? Unfortunately, Jadoo hasn’t been seen in real life so don’t waste time waiting for him.


7) Breaking Security at the Airport

You can run past security checks at the airport just to stop your love from going to a faraway place. The security catches you but lets you go after listening to your story and miraculously takes no action against you. In reality, I think you will get shot first, and if by any means you survive the gunshot, legal action will definitely be taken against you.


8) Love at First Sight

Bollywood movies show that love happens at the very first sight. Bollywood depicts love by the physical appearance of a person and his/her beautiful face. I am sure that love takes time. The longer a couple stays together, the deeper their bond grows. That’s the beauty of love. It does not happen right away, as and when you see someone.


9) Hacking the Password in 10 seconds

The computer geniuses in Bollywood movies have some magical computer potions with him/her. He/she can use those potions to easily crack any password and to simply do anything over the internet. In reality, hacking a password doesn’t happen  so fast. It is a very lengthy and very complicated process.


10) Shots fired by an Automatic Weapon only Grazes the Person

You get yourself into the base of the bad guys and all of a sudden they just start firing at you with automatic weapons but don’t worry as this is Bollywood, all you need to do is some running, backflips and jumps and you will be totally safe. Unfortunately, there is no training which can grant you such superpowers.

Image Credits – Youtube, Sulekha, Balaji motion pictures, Scoopwhoop, IMDB, Twitter, Vickie’s Bollywood Beat.

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