Things to do Differently with your Second Baby

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A first-time mom receives advice from every person she knows, about how to take care of the baby. In fact, it becomes so overwhelming at times that they get confused about whom should they listen to. You tend to make mistakes but the situation is quite different during the second time.Your first child is mostly like a trial version, the results of which are applied to the second child! This experience gives you wisdom and lots of willpower.

Here is a list of things that you should do differently with your second child-

1. Avoid leaving your baby alone on the bed

alone - second child

After the experience with the first child, you realize that the toughest job out there is making the baby sleep on the bed but the baby must be surrounded by parents in such a manner that he/she doesn’t fall from the bed. This lesson is rather learned the hard way with the firstborn.


2. Don’t buy too many clothes

too much clothes - second child

When you first learn about pregnancy, you tend to celebrate, buying lots of clothes out of joy, but later you realize that they’re a waste because your infant grows very quickly in the first few months. With the second baby, you realize that infants grow very quickly and hence need clothes of different sizes very soon. So you tend to become more practical second time and shop cautiously. With your second child, you realize that babies grow too big for their clothes very soon and there is no harm in using your first child’s clothes as well.


3. Start making them brush teeth earlier

brushing - second child

Babies start to consume solid foods much later, but they too require some dental hygiene. With the first child, you tend to forget about dental hygiene. However, you learn it the hard way that with the firstborn and hence you must train your second child with finger brushing as soon as their teeth pop out. It will carve the way for brushing teeth later.


4. Don’t force-feed

force-feeding - second child

Some mothers pass the breastfeeding phrase very easily, while others have a hard time in breastfeeding. With the firstborn, you wake up your baby and feed them every two hours in spite of the fact that they don’t need milk so often but with your second child, you understand that force-feeding doesn’t do any good to the baby, and instead, you start to feed them when they are really hungry. But you should be determined to continue breastfeeding your second baby even if it doesn’t feel necessary.


5.Introduce sippy cups timely

Sippy cups - second child

A sippy cup is a training cup usually plastic or metal with a snap-on lid which lets your child drink easily without spilling. While you might have missed this during the time of your first child, and children often show resilience to the sippy cups later. With the second baby, you must introduce the sippy cups to them as early as six months so that it becomes easier for them to adapt to it.

6. Start using a crib earlier

baby crib - second child

After pampering your first born to the extent that he/she doesn’t leave your bed till 4-5 years, you should definitely start using a crib earlier for your second baby. At an early age, if your child gets into the habit of sleeping in a separate room, it will be easier for you later.


7. Start potty training earlier

potty trainer - second child

You realize after it gets too late with your first baby and your baby gets used to diapers too much. Don’t repeat the same mistake with the second child, and start potty training them much earlier. Actually, it will be a lot easier for your second child as they will copy their elder sibling in almost everything they do and thus using a potty seat will become much easier.

With the passage of time, you realize that raising a second child is much less stressful as compared to the firstborn since you have become a seasoned parent. As you have already experienced it once so start focusing on strengthening the bond between your kids. Slowly they will become each other’s closest friends in the coming years!

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