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This is how you can Remove Hair Dye Stains from your Skin!

Bindiya Sharma | December 12, 2018

That perfect shade of hair color looks very beautiful on your hair but not on your skin!. If you accidentally stain any part of your face or skin with hair dye, then no one else but Jawed Habib can help you with a very effective method of removing such dye stains.


1) Hand Sanitizers not only Clean Hands but also Remove Dye Stains

Take a cotton ball and put a little hand sanitizer on it and now rub it wherever there are dye stains, on the face or neck, the stains will come off easily. You will not need any skin or dye remover.

Watch Jawed Habib’s video for more details: 


2) Other Household Items that can be Used


Nail Polish Remover

Take a cotton ball and dab a little nail polish remover on it. Now clean the dye spots on the face with light hands.


Non-Gel Toothpaste

Clean any dye stain easily by putting any non-gel toothpaste on a brush and gently rubbing it on the stain.

There are lots of solutions for any given problem, but if the solution comes through an expert, then its credibility increases manifold.

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Bindiya Sharma


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