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Time to reconsider some popular food myths

Team BetterButter | April 24, 2019

As a kid, you might have heard about various myths such as Tooth Fairy leaves a gift under your pillow in exchange of your tooth or the Santa sends you gifts every Christmas. Similarly, there are many more myths about food that you might have heard and you believe in them. Let’s reconsider some of these common food myths:


  • Drinking tea can darken complexion


When you were a kid, you might have been restricted by your parents to drink tea with the explanation that it will make your complexion dark. However, it is not true, it is just a myth. It is said so just because drinking too much tea can affect our health because of the huge amount of caffeine that is present in it.


  • Eating at night makes one fat


Most of us might not be eating too much at night or skipping dinner just because someone told us that eating at night will make us fat. Is it true? Not really. Your liver, blood or cells cannot sense whether it is day or night. On the contrary, our organs need energy at night so that they can work properly. This is because at night our body is at rest, so the organs function at its best possible way. For this, they need energy. So, never control your hunger at night.


  • Cutting calories will help in losing weight


Dieting or weight loss is quite trendy in this generation because everyone wants to look slim and flaunt a great figure. Some of us are on a strict diet and we tend to intake fewer calories. However, dieting is not good for our health. The fewer calories you eat, the weaker you will become. So, instead of dieting, one should consider exercising to lose weight.  


  • Honey is better than sugar


Most of you might be using honey in tea or coffee rather than sugar.  This is because you might have heard that sugar contains added sweetness which is harmful to you and honey protects you from diabetes. But, to be true, a spoon of honey contains more sweetness than a spoon of sugar. So just like sugar, it can affect your health too.



  • A swallowed chewing gum gets stuck in the intestines


Well, this might be the biggest lie that you have ever heard. Though chewing gum is sticky, it easily passes through your intestines as well as body just like other items. So, next time if by mistake you swallow chewing gum, need not worry.

Well, these were some of the interesting myths that you had believed to date. However, from today, you can stop believing in them as you know the reality of these myths.


Image Sources: Pixabay

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