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Tips for fermented foods in summer

Team BetterButter | May 29, 2019

India is one such country which has a rich history of exquisite cuisine. Here, fermented food items form an integral part of Indian kitchens.

Fermented food not only gives a unique taste, but it also helps in curing various diseases. Fermentation involves carbohydrate’s consumption in oxygen’s absence so as to create organic food. Most of the Indian states face extreme weather conditions. So, it becomes necessary for the people to choose fermented food as it can cure an upset stomach and it can even be preserved easily for a longer duration.

Let’s find out different fermented food which you can consume during the summer season.

Yogurt is one of the best home-made remedies for enhancing gut activities. Even nutritionists recommend yogurt once a day as it is fermented and contains healthy bacteria. Curd is rich in bacteria that are good for the inflamed digestive system. The yogurt prepared from grass-fed goat or sheep should be bought as it is organic or you can also prepare yogurt at home.

  • Idlis

A mouth-watering and famous south-Indian food, Idli is prepared from urad daal, ground rice and beans. This dish is prepared by steaming as it contains nutrients which would otherwise be lost while cooking. Apart from enhancing the gut activities of our body, it provides minerals such as calcium, iron, as well as potassium in a good amount.

  • Dhokla

Famous Gujarati food, Dhokla is prepared from the fermentation of Bengal gram and rice. Because of the yeast present in it, it produces folic acid which is rich in vitamin B9. Eating such fermented foods cure diseases related to age and stress.

  • Miso

Miso is an alkalized fermented broth prepared from soybeans, rice, mold, and barley. This Asian dish can be easily prepared at home. It is beneficial for the body as it reduces cancer risk, contains anti-aging properties, strengthens bones and makes the skin glow. You can enjoy it with your family during the rainy days.

  • Kimchi

Kimchi is a lacto-fermented Korean dish that is prepared from cabbage and spices. It is one of the oldest dishes in the world. It enhances the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Kimchi is recommended to the patients suffering from cancer and diabetes.

  • Ambali

This calcium-rich cool semi-liquid beverage is found mostly in southern states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Some people consume this food without fermentation, some enjoy it with buttermilk while some add onions and chillies in it. You can eat it in any way but one thing is sure that it will yield various benefits to the body. Through fermentation, the availability of minerals increases along with the concentration of riboflavin, thiamin, and tryptophan.

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