What are the Reasons for Blood in the Urine?

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Why do we get blood in the urine?

Be it a female or male, blood in the urine is not  normal for anyone. In women, this bleeding is different from every month’s menstrual period and it appears as a light pink red or brown colored urine. Sometimes when you urinate, it clearly shows that some abnormal blood clots are coming along with the urine. Do not panic if this happens to you, but do not ignore it either. You should immediately find out the reason for this by meeting your doctor as it can also be an early symptom of a serious illness.

The condition of blood in the urine is called the hematuria. This is also of two types. If the blood is clearly visible in urine, it is called gross hematuria and if it does not appear with eyes but in the pathology test, it is called microscopic hematuria.

What can be the reasons for this – the main causes of blood in the urine are kidney stones, in which small but hard rock pieces come out slipping through the path of your urine canal. Apart from this, urinary tract infections may also be one of the reasons. Occasionally running at high speeds may also cause blood flow to the urine, but such cases are very rare and the probability of being with professional athletes is very high.

Some other reasons include endometritis (when endometrial tissues begin to grow out of the bladder) in the bladder or kidneys and any infection in the prostate in men may also be a cause. The possibility of bladder or kidney cancer may also be the reason.


What to do if you see this symptom – If you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you need to consult your doctor immediately, because it is never normal to bleed in urine. At the same time, you should also see that there is no other physical symptoms apart from blood in urine such as back pain or tingling etc.

Urine must be tested immediately. In case of any type of infection in the kidneys, it can become more complex. The doctor will test for any infection to detect and if necessary, advise to have MRI or CT scan so that it can be known that you do not have stones or tumors in your kidney.

But the important thing to understand here is that you cannot help yourself in this, nor should you do self-medication in such cases. The best thing for you is to seek advice from a physician without wasting any time.

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