What Does your Hair Say about your Health?

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The importance of good hair can be judged by the fact that long, shiny tresses can lighten up your personality and make you look younger. Moreover,  your hair is a mirror of your health, and if your hair is thinning or is excessively dehydrated, it can also be an indication of several health disorders. According to Dr. Kiran Lohia, Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology,”Your hair and health have a very close relationship, so if you are struggling with any hair problems then it is important to ascertain its true cause and find a suitable remedy without any delay”.


1) Hair Loss

About 100 hair falling per day is considered normal, but if you have more hair loss and your hair is falling in bunches and showing up on your brush and on the floor, then it is a matter of concern. Frequent hair loss often indicates an iron deficiency in your body. If your body has low iron content, even if your hemoglobin is normal, you can still suffer from hair fall. Along with this, protein deficiency can be the reason for the hair becoming thin and falling.


2) Hair Thinning

The problem of thinning of hair shows many physical deficiencies which can lead to some other health related problems later on. Thin hair can be due to  many reasons, including many types of hair treatments, unhealthy eating habits, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal problems like PCOS. Dr. Lohia says, “It can also be a genetic problem and ageing is also one of the reasons. It can be confirmed by a medical examination and proper treatment can be done by PRP (Platelet Enriched Plasma) Therapy”.


3) Sticky and Itchy Scalp

Itching/scratching the scalp not only looks bad but can also be an underlying cause of some serious problems. Scalp itch is a sign of low sebum levels of the scalp. Dr. Kiran  says that it can also be due to a lack of iron; in some cases it may also be caused due to skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis, common reasons for which are stress, fatigue or allergies, and also some chemicals present in hair care products.


4) Split Ends

When the ends of your hair split into two parts, it can definitely be alarming. The main reason for this is the lack of keratin. Apart from this it can also happen when a suitable product is not used to protect the hair while pressing, blow drying or styling, due to which the hair gets scorched and stressed. Such treatments work as a shock for hair, causing  twisting and breakdown of the hair.


5) Premature Graying of Hair

If the hair shows signs of premature graying, i.e hair starts becoming white before time (at a young age), it shows the lack of melanin in the body. Although it may also be genetic around the age of forty, but if you are less than thirty-five years old and your hair starts getting white then this may be a sign of vitamin B deficiency or irregularity of the thyroid gland.


6) Dull and Lifeless Hair

If your hair starts to become dull and starts to lose their natural glow then you need to check your hormones. Along with the products used for hair, the nature of the water you wash them with, can also damage them. So check it and if it is very hard, then use it only after it has been treated and is suitable for washing the hair.

Apart from dryness, if the hair looks dull and lifeless, check whether you are eating too much junk food and getting the required  amount of water for the body.

To correct this, it is important to include lots of vegetables, fruits and proteins in your diet, and stay away from foods which increase the level of cortisol in the system such as refined sugar or flour. Due to shampooing and UV rays from the sun, keratin can also get damaged. Stay away from silicon or paraffin products, shampoos or conditioners. Also, do not over use anti-dandruff or volumizing shampoos because they contain elements that reduce the natural keratin  present in your hair.

If you are also struggling with any of the above problems, then do meet a good trichologist and find out the underlying cause to make immediate changes in your lifestyle and diet. If overlooked for a long period of time, then sometimes it is not possible to compensate for the loss even by medical treatment.

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