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What is the Favourite Street Food of Bollywood Celebs?

Shruti Jolly Suri | November 28, 2018

Most Bollywood stars are very health conscious and follow a strict diet and exercise routine, but they all love to binge once in a while, especially on street foods-be it vada pav, samosas or pani puri! Here are the favorite street foods of various Bollywood celebs-


1) Salman Khan

Favourite Street Food: Kebabs

Salman is known for his fitness and bodybuilding routine, however he loves binging on kebabs from Mumbai street vendors. He eats them quite often.


2) Deepika Padukone

Favourite Street Food: Mangalore Bhaji

Deepika’s favorite is the Manglore bhaji which is a popular street food from Karnataka. These are fried maida balls served with coconut chutney. Deepika needs her comfort food, especially when she is shooting away from home and family. Banana chips and chaklis are foods that she finds comfort in and that help to pep up her mood!


3) Hrithik Roshan

Favourite Street Food: Samosa

Hrithik loves Indian street food and his favorite street food is samosas. He claims that he can eat a dozen samosas in one go. He does not like to be clicked or disturbed while he eats his samosas.


4) Shahid Kapoor

Favourite Street Food: Samosa and Bhajiya

Shahid is a pure vegetarian and loves to gorge on samosas and bhajiyas, especially during the monsoons.


5) Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Favourite Street Food: Pav Bhaji

Sonam known for her fashion sense and svelte body, is a true Punjabi and loves pav bhaji. She is also a big chocolate lover and has a fetish for Bengali cuisine particularly, ‘shorshe ilish’ and scholar daal.


6) Alia Bhatt

Favourite Street Food: Indian-Chinese Food

The bubbly and effervescent actor has created a mark in Bollywood with her performances in a variety of roles. Want to know what her favorite street food is? Well it’s the Indian-Chinese food that found at street stalls! Alia loves spicy Chinjabi street food!

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