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Which is the Best Hair Cut for your Hair Type?

Bindiya Sharma | November 20, 2018

All of us have experienced a failed haircut experiment at some point or the other. Finding a person whose haircut totally meets our hopes is like looking for a needle in a haystack! When we come from the parlor after a fresh haircut, then the dryer and straightener effect lasts only till the next wash, and then comes the real natural look. But if you know which haircut will suit you the most, according to the texture of your hair, then your hair will always look great!


1) For Thick Hair

If your hair is dense then don’t think that nothing can be done about them. If you have thick, dense hair and an oval or heart shaped face, then a bob cut with long layers in the front but short at the back will suit you the most.


2) For Thin Hair

The best haircut for thin hair is a blunt because it is the only cut that makes your hair look a bit thicker and adds volume to them. If your hair is short and thin then do not get the feather look haircut at all. Asymmetric look is a great option because it will give you a stylish look. Layers look best on thin and silky hair.


3) For Curly Hair

Curly hair is very stubborn and difficult to handle. The best cut for such hair is a layered cut. Try to get a hair cut that will give you the maximum layers in your hair. Keep in mind that if such type of hair is styled short from the front, they will not look very presentable.


4) For Wavy Hair

Hair that is between straight hair and curly hair is called Wavy Hair. With Wavy Hair, just a little bit of thought behind the cut can give amazing results. But which haircut is best for you? Pixie cut or Shoulder length beach wave cut is the answer. Both these cuts are trendy and can be easily kept in the same way. To give a little different look, use spray on it. By using a Sea Salt Spray you will easily have a glamorous look in minutes.


5) For Straight Hair

Everybody appreciates your hair but only you know how boring it gets with naturally straight hair. It’s time to say goodbye to this boring look and get a blunt cut instead, which gives a downward sweeping bang and adds volume to your crown. If you want to keep it short, then a Pixie Haircut or Shoulder Length Bob should be your next step.

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