Why are Junk Foods considered to be Harmful?

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We are constantly told that junk food such as pizzas and burgers are not good for our health. However, we are never told why junk foods are bad for us.

Well-known nutritionist and dietitian Dr. Shikha Sharma, focuses on the ‘why’ and tells us about the harmful effects of consuming junk food.


1) No Nutritional Value

Dr. Shikha Sharma says that junk foods have zero nutritional value. Getting adequate nutrition is very important for the body,  as it is this nutrition which feeds our body and keeps us healthy. Be it good skin, healthy hair or overall health of the body-all these things have their root in the nutrition that the body receives.


2) Excess Oil

Snacks such as samosas, kachoris, burgers and pizzas have one thing in common. All these food items are made with a lot of oil. These snacks are made from flour (maida) and then fried in oil. Fried foods, flour and excess oil are all very harmful for the body. They are very unhealthy and can make people obese. Obese people are bound to suffer from a lot of health disorders and illnesses.


3) Indigestion

Junk foods are very hard to digest. Have you noticed that when you have junk foods from outside you tend to feel very heavy and full? If those same foods are made and consumed at home, we do not feel as heavy and full. The reason for this is simple. While cooking at home, we use quality ingredients and we can control the amount of oil and flour that we use. So, apart from causing unnecessary gain in weight, consuming junk foods can also make you suffer from indigestion.


4) Calcium Deficiency

Calcium is the most important ingredient for bone health. Doctors always emphasize the importance of consuming calcium-rich foods such as milk, curd and other dairy products because they know how important calcium is for the body. Regular consumption of junk foods can lower the levels of calcium in the body, which can weaken your bones and make you prone to bone disorders such as osteoporosis.


5) Other Deficiencies in the Body

Be it carbohydrates, proteins or fat-every food group is equally important for the overall health and well-being of the body. A good diet should be a balance of all these nutrients. Completely removing any nutrient from your diet will have an adverse impact on the body. When it comes to unhealthy junk foods, apart from causing calcium deficiency these foods also cause other deficiencies in the body. If there is any deficiency in the body, your body will automatically become more prone to illnesses and disorders that arise from the deficiency of that nutrient in your body.

Dr. Shikha Sharma says that everyone loves to have junk food, but having too much of junk foods is very harmful for the body. She recommends having junk food once or twice a week. However, she says that on other days you should ensure that you follow a healthy diet in order to ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrition-something which is extremely important for the normal, proper and healthy functioning of your body.

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