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Which Wax should you use for Hair Removal?

Nupur Kumari | July 20, 2018

Which Wax should you use for Hair Removal?

We, the women, are always vexed with the menace of unwanted hair on some or the part of our body. Waxing is an easy and an affordable way to handle this situation. As there are plenty of options available for us, it becomes really difficult for us to decide which wax we should finally go for. In addition to this, if you are visiting the salon for the very first time for your waxing session, the variety of waxes available may be a source of confusion for you. 

Today we will discuss the different varieties of body wax that are available, and which wax is best suited for your skin type-

1) Fruit Wax

Fruit wax is best suited for the sensitive parts of the body. The wax is made from the extracts of berries, plums and other fruits. Thus, the wax is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which in turn nourish your skin.

Although this is quite expensive, fruit wax is very gentle on your skin. Fruit wax does not damage your skin and due to the presence of fruit extracts, it acts as a skincare agent as well. 


2) Chocolate Wax

Chocolate, the key ingredient of this wax, is rich in antioxidants. Chocolate wax contains oils and glycerin which make your skin soft and smooth. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature, so if your skin is prone to rashes or redness, this wax should be your go-to wax for hair removal. 

Chocolate wax is available in almost every salon. Although it is a bit expensive when compared to other wax varieties, the chocolate wax is a popular choice because of the skincare benefits it has. 


3) Soft Wax

Strip waxing is commonly known as soft wax. A spatula or a roller is used to spread a very thin layer of warm body wax is on the targeted area of your body. After this, a strip of cloth is placed over the wax layer and then pulled off in order to remove the hair from the region. This wax is commonly used for hair removal from the legs and the arms. Soft wax removes the very tiniest of hairs from the body and leaves behind a smooth and silky skin.

This kind of body wax may cause bleeding because when the waxing strip is pulled off it damages the skin cells. So this wax should not be used multiple times on a single area of skin in a single session.


4) Hard Wax

This wax is used for comparatively smaller and sensitive areas such as the bikini area, upper lips, and underarms. Like soft wax, this wax is warmed and then applied using a spatula or a roller. It is then allowed to cool down gradually. When the wax becomes hard, it is removed by pulling it in the direction opposite to that of hair growth.

A major advantage of this type of wax is that it does not stick to the skin, it only binds to the hair. Unlike soft wax, hard wax can be applied multiple times in one session, without damaging the skin. Using this wax for hair removal is comparatively less painful than using soft wax. 


5) Sugar Wax

As the name suggests, the key ingredient of this wax is sugar. Lemon and hot water are added to the wax. This is a traditional method of hair removal that has been used for ages. It works in a manner similar to hard wax, as the sugar binds with the hair and pulls it out from its roots. Sugar wax can be used for hair removal from any part of our body. 

Like hard wax, sugar wax only binds to the hair and not the skin, so this wax can also be used multiple times for hair removal in a single session without damaging the skin. Ensure that your hair growth is at least a quarter of an inch long before heading to the salon, as it is very important for the wax to stick properly to the hair before removal.

Image Source: Body Honee, Flickr, Home Remedies Blogger, Style Craze, Vogue.India.