Jawed Habib’s Tips to take care of Colored Hair

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Hair coloring has become a fashion trend lately in India. People mostly color their hair for cosmetic purposes-to look fairer and more fashionable. Some people use a light color on their hair to avoid the contrast between the color of their hair and the color of their skin. For this, people use various hair coloring techniques such as highlighting, low lighting, global colors and various other colors that are in fashion.

However, the hair colors available in the market have ammonia in them or some other chemical substance like ammonia. These chemical substances make your hair rough and frizzy. If you too are suffering from hair damage after coloring, don’t worry!  Hair Expert Jawed Habib gives some simple remedies that can help maintain colored hair. He also talks about a few precautions that must be taken before and after you get your hair colored. 


Hair Treatment for Colour Damage

Jawed Habib says that frequent hair coloring can damage your hair and make them rough. He also gives a solution to control any damage and puffiness caused to your hair due to regular coloring.  Habib’s solution for this is not a Hair-Spa but, Aloe Vera gel.

How to use: Make a mixture of three ingredients- Aloe Vera gel, Hair serum and Turmeric essential oil. Mix these ingredients until you get a  paste-like consistency. Apply this paste on small sections of your hair, rubbing them with your hands and leave the paste on the hair for 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse your hair with water. This method will remove the dryness caused by coloring.

Watch the video below for more details on this:


A Word of Caution

According to Jawed Habib, the most common thing that damages your hair is the ratio in which the coloring agents, water, and conditioner are mixed. People color their hair at home to save money. Although there is nothing wrong with this,  sometime the mixing ratio of all the ingredients isn’t the same and this can have an adverse impact on your hair. Habib recommends that for hair coloring, it is best to go to a salon and get it done by trained professionals. 

Watch the video below for more details on this:

Image Source – Pixabay, Flickr, Ionathome.

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