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9 Skincare and Makeup Tips for the Monsoon

Nupur Kumari | July 20, 2018


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9 Skincare and Makeup Tips for the Monsoon

After the wrath of summer, monsoon comes and heals all the wounds of mother earth and makes everything green again. Thus, Monsoon is considered to be the most mesmerizing season of all. The season brings with it a very pleasant atmosphere and greenery. It is no wonder then that everyone welcomes the monsoon season with joy.  

Although this season is the most beautiful of all, there are several threats to our body during this season. Our immunity level becomes very low at this time. We may suffer from various digestive, respiratory and skin related diseases in this season. Our skin, which is the most delicate and exposed part of your body, is at great risk during this season as well. Skin problems like rashes, pimples, boils, and eczema are common during this time of the year. Therefore,  we need to be very cautious about our skin during this season.

Today, we will discuss some important skin care tips for the monsoon season, which will help you keep your skin fresh, healthy and glowing.  

1) Try to use Waterproof Makeup

A variety of waterproof cosmetic products are available in the market. Try using these products in this season. Instead of waterproof mascara, opt for a water-resistant one. A pencil is a great alternative for a liquid eyeliner during the monsoon season.  You can even go for gel-based eyeliners as they are long lasting and they do not fade easily.


2) Use Matte Lipstick

 Lipsticks in matte shades are the perfect choice for this season. If you don’t have a matte lipstick, you can dab some powder over your normal lipstick. This will prevent your non-matte lipstick from bleeding.


3) Use Blotting Paper

Use blotting papers to remove excess sweat and oil from your skin. Not only do blotting papers keep your makeup intact, but they also keep your face dry.  Alternatively, you can also use a compact powder.


4) Use Sunscreen

It is a common misconception that our skin is not exposed to the sun’s radiation during cloudy weather. Almost 80% of the U.V. rays penetrate through the clouds and reach our skin. So you should always apply sunscreen, SPF 30 and above, 20 minutes before stepping out from your place.


5) Use a Cream-based Blush

Try using a cream-based blush in the monsoons. You can dab some powder over the blush to allow it to absorb the moisture.


6) Avoid wearing Eyeshadow

Try to avoid using an eyeshadow during the monsoons. If necessary, use waterproof eye pencils or cream-based eyeshadows.


7) Exfoliate and Moisturize your Skin

Due to the moisture present in the air, our skin tends to become a  breeding ground for bacteria and for germs. Use a good scrub to exfoliate your skin once a week. Moisturize your skin with the right moisturizer for your skin type in order to maintain the oil level of your skin.


8) Perfume and Fragrance

Due to increased humidity, the weather tends to be quite sticky and sweaty during the monsoons. Thus, to have a pleasant body odor throughout the day, a perfume is a must-have.  To make your fragrance/perfume last longer,  spritz the perfume into some Vaseline and then rub the perfumed Vaseline onto your wrist, neck and the back of your ears.


9) Drink Lots of Water

Lastly, the best remedy for any skin related issue is to drink lots of water. Drinking water keeps our skin healthy and makes it glow. Drink  2-3 liters  of water everyday.  Water hydrates the skin and flushes out all the bad toxins, thereby rejuvenating the skin.   This skincare tip is not limited to the monsoon, it should be used throughout the year.

Image Source : Pixabay, Flickr, Taiki, Wikimedia Commons.