Easy Paneer Recipes In Tamil

Paneer recipes are the delicious combination of paneer and different aromatic spices. Any paneer recipe can be a treat to the taste buds at any time. Paneer is prepared by using fresh milk and it plays a special role in most of the recipes of some cuisines like Indian cuisine, Pakistani cuisine, Afgani cuisine and Bangladeshi cuisine. Paneer always set as the first priority for every vegetarians. Most of the paneer recipes are spicy and delicious and liked by the people of every age group. You can prepare paneer recipes in any party or any special occasion. Paneer recipes are delicious as well as healthy because paneer is a good source of protein, vitamin, fiber and minerals like iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and selenium. If you like spicy and want to eat vegetarian dish then paneer recipes will be a best option for you. Paneer recipes includes different type of dishes some are spicy and some are sweet. Paneer recipes are a perfect combination of different cuisines, flavors and degree of healthiness. Paneer recipes can be prepared with pan seared spices, different sauces and cream. You can show your cooking art and creativity by the help of paneer. You can prepare Indian paneer recipes, North Indian paneer recipes, South Indian paneer recipes, Indo-Chinese paneer recipes, Hyderabadi paneer recipes , Itailian paneer recipes etc. You can prepare easy paneer recipes with gravy or without gravy like you can prepare dry chili paneer recipe and chili paneer recipe with gravy. Some of the famous paneer recipes are Paneer akuri, Shahi paneer, Paneer achari makhmali, Paneer mango delight, Shahi paneer makhmali, Paneer wrap, One pot baked potato paneer chat, Sufiyana paneer shashlik, Paneer spicy bhurji, Stuffed paneer kebabs, paneer 65, Paneer mango manchurian and paneer sweet corn salad.