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10 Amazing Ways to Reuse Used Tea Leaves!

Ankit Kumar | May 18, 2018

For most people,  tea leaves are of no use after the tea has been made from them. Once the tea is emptied into cups, the remaining tea leaves are thrown straight into the trash can. Maybe you cannot make another cup of tea with these used leaves, but at least don’t throw them away. 

Here are 10 amazing ways  in which you can reuse used tea leaves: 

1) To Clean Utensils

Cleaning utensils with used tea leaves, makes them shine like never before! 


2) Remove Dark Circles

Dip the used tea bags into cold water.  Squeeze out the excess water and keep the tea bags  under your eyes for 10 minutes. This remedy makes the dark circles under your eyes disappear.


3) Easily Clean Mirrors

To remove the dirt from mirrors, boil used tea leaves in a pot. Let the tea leaves cool down and use the liquid to wipe the mirror glass clean. 


4) Glowing Skin

Boil the used tea leaves in water and let them cool down. With the help of cotton, apply this water on your face for 10 minutes. Regular application of this tea water will reduce the dryness on your face and make it glow. 


5) Get Rid of Bad Odour from Feet

Boil the used tea in water and soak your feet in this liquid for about 10 minutes, After soaking, dry your feet. The tea water bath helps in removing bad odors from the feet. 


6) To Clean Furniture

Strain the tea leaves after boiling them and fill the water in a spray bottle. Use this liquid to clean the furniture.


7) Plant Care

Put the used tea leaves at the roots of small plants. Doing so will protect the plants from fungal infections.


8) Make Hair Shine

To get shiny hair, apply the strained tea fluid on your hair after shampooing.


9) Get Rid of Sun Tanning

Squeeze the used tea bags in cold water and apply them to your skin. This will help to remove tan from your skin. 


10) Relief from Toothache

To get relief from an unbearable toothache, squeeze the used tea bag in cold water and keep it over your aching teeth for 5 minutes.

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