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Safety Tips that Every Woman should Know!

Ankit Kumar | May 17, 2018


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Safety Tips that Every Woman should Know!

We are living in a time where assaults and murders happen on a daily basis. Women’s safety seems to be a long-lost cause and the daily incidents that happen make it seem like we will never be able to achieve it. Because of the never-ending waves of crimes against women, women themselves need to be more alert. Keeping these things in mind, we have come up with a few safety tips that every woman must know. After all, it’s better to protect yourselves than wait for help.


1) Always be Aware of your Surroundings

The first and most important component of self-defense is awareness, awareness of yourself and your surroundings. The worst thing that can happen is having no idea of who or what is around you as the criminal’s primary strategy is to use the advantage of surprise. The more you pay attention to your surroundings, the less likely you are to find yourself in trouble.


2) Always Carry a Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, like most other self-defense tools, can be very useful to fend off attackers. The spray affects the person it is sprayed on by causing a burning sensation in their eyes and on their skin. A second burst is enough to keep the attacker down, but continuous spraying will empty the bottle in 6 seconds.


3) Don’t be Distracted

Imagine yourself walking through a deserted place, is it really necessary to check your cell phone right then? Because if you are completely focused on your phone then you’re inevitably not paying attention to who is around you. Moreover seeing you distracted someone might snatch your phone or wallet. Doing so can put you in grave danger. 


4) Watch your use of Social Media

From what they are eating to their exact GPS location, some people update everything on Facebook and Instagram.  But while doing so people tend to ignore the fact that the more information you give on social media platforms, the more easily someone else will know your schedule and use it to stalk you to figure out when you’re most vulnerable.


5) Don’t Open your House Door for Strangers

It is better to install door peephole with a camera as it will help you identify the person before you open the door, especially if you are living alone. Even if it’s someone who claims to be from the electric company and you’re not expecting them, then make them wait while you call yourself and verify their identity. The minute you open your door, that person will have access to not only your home but also to you and your family. 


6) Set Clear Boundaries Around Yourself

If someone is standing too close to you, just tell them to move back and even apply force if needed. Even if it seems impolite, don’t think too much since your safety is more important than being nice to a stranger.


7) Take  Self-Defence Classes

It can never be too much when it comes to defending yourself or your family from someone who has corrupt intentions. Take some time out of your busy schedule to learn new ways of fending off an attack and make it a habit to practice self-defence regularly.

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