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10 Habits which Every Woman should Adopt after the Age of 30

Nupur Kumari | April 1, 2018

There is an old saying: “Age is just a number” but there are a few things that we need to keep in mind after a certain age. By the age of 25-30, if we do a little carelessness then it can be overlooked, after this, even a little bit of carelessness can harm us to a great extent. Today we are going to discuss some such habits that a woman needs to inculcate in her routine-

1) Keep an eye on your weight

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At any age, we should never compromise with our health. Healthy food should be included in all our meals. If possible, visit a nutritionist and get a diet chart prepared in which all type of nutrients are present in the appropriate amount.


2) Monthly breast checkup

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Nowadays women’s risk of breast cancer has increased significantly and till people are aware of this disease, it is too late. That is why it is necessary to be alert beforehand so that we can stay healthy and take care of our family too. For this, we should go to a good hospital on a quarterly basis and get our body checked.


3) Do some savings

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Before the age of 30 we spend relentlessly but after this, we need to save so that we can help ourselves and our family whenever needed. Today, many types of mutual fund schemes have been introduced by banks, which can us save our money and make our work easier.


4) Don’t skip your breakfast

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Our day starts with breakfast in the morning. It gives us the energy to work throughout the day.


5) Spend some time doing Yoga

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Yoga is the only solution that gives us the strength to fight against all kinds of diseases so do yoga every day and stay healthy. It strengthens our body and makes our immune system stronger.


6) Spend less time using the mobile phone

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Harmful radiations are emitted from mobile phones that severely affect our nervous system. Thus, limit the use of mobile phones on need only.


7) Pay attention to your beauty

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After the age of 30, wrinkles start appearing prominently on the face if they not taken care of. That’s why to adopt beauty tips to keep the beauty of your face and use more and more home remedies.


8) Get plenty of sleep

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Well, it is necessary for everyone to take good sleep but after the age of 30 women need to take at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep can make us irritated, blood pressure may become high, digestion can be unbalanced.


9) Share your responsibilities

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After the age of 30, responsibilities in a woman’s life are very high. Therefore it is necessary to share them so that other members of the family can learn to take responsibility.


10) Talk to your parents at regular intervals

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At this age we should keep talking to our parents frequently, maybe there is something that will make them feel better by sharing with us.

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