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10 Latest Designs of Gold Earrings

Riya Aggarwal | June 19, 2018

Gold has always been a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Jewelry such as mangalsutra, bangles, necklace, and earrings are some of the most recognizable symbols of married women in Indian culture. No matter how many types of artificial jewelry flood the market, gold jewelry is eventually gold jewelry only. It has its own charm. Women have a very old and long relationship with gold, but why should we stick to the same old designs of gold jewelry even today?

Let’s have a look at some of the latest designs of gold earrings and make your gold shopping even easier!

1) Flower Design Gold Earrings

In this design, the petals of the flower are made from gold. The gems used for the centre of the flower, also enhance the beauty of these earrings.


2) Peacock Design Gold Earrings

These peacock-shaped gold earrings, that are studded with precious gems, will go very well with ethnic and festive wear. These earrings are also perfect for religious functions and for wedding functions.


3) Jhumke

Designed in the shape of a semicircle, these jhumkis are studded with rubies that make these earrings even more beautiful.


4) Celestic Design Gold Earrings

These beautiful, circular earrings that are studded with small, sparkling diamonds will make you stand out at every function!


5) South Indian Design Gold Earrings

When worn with a traditional Kanjeevaram saree, these golden tops will always make you look trendy.


6) Traditional Full-Coverage Earrings

The latest trend in golden earrings today is earrings that fully cover the ear when worn. These earrings are sure to complete the overall look of  any outfit that they are worn with.


7) Infinity Design Gold Earrings

Be it an outfit for a small party or an everyday outfit, these small and attractive earrings will always look fabulous with everything that you wear.


8) Mango Design Gold Earrings

If you are also searching for the perfect earring design for special occasions, keep these mango-shaped earrings in mind.


9) Triangular Design Gold Earrings

These triangular earrings are made from gold and are studded with small crystals. The upper black circle on these earrings, adds a beautiful edge to these earrings.


10) Swastik Design Gold Earrings

If there is a pooja at home or if you have to attend a kirtan, these swastik-shaped earrings are  perfect for just such an occasion.

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