7 Changes that took place in Bollywood over time

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Hindi cinema started in 1913, more than 100 years ago and in these 100 years, Bollywood has changed its appearance many times. Earlier, Bollywood films were only shown in India but today they are shown all around the whole. With the passage time, everything changed in Bollywood and we too accepted that change. From dialogues to the way of movement. Even the fashion has changed, and these changes also had an impact on the society.

Let’s talk about the different changes that came in this 105-year-old journey of Bollywood from 1913 to 2018.

1.  Change in language


Pure Hindi language was used in the early movies of Bollywood but today’s movies are shown all around the globe, and hence the use of pure Hindi language has now been reduced. Mostly Hinglish is used in today’s movies.

2.  The difference in fashion

There has been a lot of difference in the costumes of actors and actresses in Bollywood. Most of us follow the fashion of Bollywood. People want to dress up just like their favorite stars. In earlier times, most of the movies had the Indian attire in Bollywood but this thing too changed with time. Today, western clothes are becoming more evident in Bollywood. Along with the dresses, the way of make-up has also changed.

3.  Choreography changes

There is a lot of difference between the earlier choreography and choreography in today’s movies. Earlier, mostly Indian dance forms were portrayed. The dance sequences were shot in a park or an ordinary garden. But nowadays we get to see mostly Western dance and they are shot at various different locations.

4. Shooting at home locations

In earlier movies, the shooting was done mostly within India and no particular place was chosen for that and the cameras used wasn’t the best technology of the time, so the videos did not come too good. Nowadays, directors go abroad for shooting, with 4k  cameras, good locations are selected for the shoot so that the audience can see beautiful sceneries and enjoy the best quality of videos and VFX.

5. Changes in the medium of communication

In earlier films, they used pigeons to send messages from one place to another, but nowadays it has changed as technology has advanced. Now people use mobile phones, tablets, email etc.

6. The runtime of movies.

Earlier films used to lengthy, and every story was revealed slowly. Films of that time were of at least 3-4 hours long. Today’s people can’t watch a 3-4 hours long movie, hence films are being made small and stories are progressed at a faster speed.

7. Values have changed.

The older Bollywood movies depicted characteristics like children as obedient and respectful. This too changed with time and these days the movies portray the kids to be more straight-forward in terms of expressing their thoughts and following their dreams.

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