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6 Unknown Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Nithya Lakshmi | June 18, 2018

6 Unknown Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Ever tried walking barefoot? I know that sounds like too dirty to many of us, who just don’t feel like stepping on the ground without wearing slippers! Well, walking barefoot (also known as Earthing) definitely has a lot of health benefits. This is mainly because it balances the negative ions on Earth with the positive ions in your body when your body comes in contact with the Earth directly and this protects you in many ways. Though you tend to wear shoes and other footwear to protect your feet from dirt and disease, walking barefoot on the grass or sand will work on the pressure points on your foot and ultimately energize your body on the whole. Try and feel the effect.

So what to expect when you walk barefoot?

1. Strengthens immune system

Walking barefoot increases your immunity levels. This will increase the red blood cells in your body and reduce the white blood cells, thus strengthening your immune system. So let your children walk on the sand or grass barefoot to boost their immunity levels.


2. Reduces stress

Nowadays everyone experiences stress, irrespective of their profession or work structure. Another amazing way to reduce your stress levels, to relax and feel calm from within, is possible when you walk barefoot on the ground. Try this every morning and evening for a few minutes to see how positive and refreshing it is.


3. Improves eyesight

There are many pressure points in one’s foot which help in curing several health issues. Likewise, the point that connects to the nerves of your eyes is triggered while you walk barefoot. This improves your eyesight tremendously. Walk every morning barefoot on the grass and feel the difference!


4. Improves sleep

Circadian rhythms are improvised when you start Earthing or grounding. It is found that people who walk barefoot for some time before going to bed are able to sleep much better than those who don’t walk barefoot every day. So if you are suffering from insomnia, this is the best solution to try to gain back your lost sleep.


5. Get rid of headaches

Walking barefoot helps loosen your tense muscles entirely and helps in curing any type of pain. In such cases, it also cures your prolonged headache. Yes! Migraines or a severe headache can be treated simply by walking barefoot. Earthing will connect you to the ground, help you stay away from excess radiation by emitting free radicals from your body and this thereby reduces a headache.


6. Boosts your energy levels

When you stay connected to mother nature, you will undoubtedly feel the bliss from within and it boosts your energy levels due to the positive vibes that are emitted from nature. So stay connected and close to nature as much as possible to feel high.

Image source – pixabay, max pixel, flickr