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5 Bottom Wear that Every Woman Must Have

Nupur Kumari | May 30, 2018



5 Bottom Wear that Every Woman Must Have

Nowadays there are various kinds of bottom wears available in the market that are very popular amongst women. These bottom wears have been specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of every woman, like for the purpose of morning exercise, for going to the office, to wear with western clothes or ethnic clothes.

Bottom wear varies with the need and time. Clothes used in bottom wears vary with seasons, like in summers, we like cotton clothes as they keep us cool. The selection of colors is also done on the basis of weather and needs like we avoid wearing black in summers as it absorbs heat radiated by the sun.

Here are 5 bottom wears that every woman must possess :

1) Palazzo

Plazo is a trending bottom wear amongst women nowadays. Besides being comfortable, it provides us with a classy look. You can wear it with any type of clothes such as a top or a kurti. Women of any age can wear it very comfortably. You can wear it in any form, be it formal or casual.


2) Track Pants

Track pants are comfortable pants that we can wear especially when going to the gym or while traveling. There are many types of track pants available which you can select according to your needs. If you are going somewhere in a haste, make sure that you have a pair of track pants handy.


3) Trousers

Trousers are specially used on formal occasions. We can wear formal pants or trousers at the office or for any meeting. It is of several types, but every woman must have a comfortable pair of trousers.


4) Leggings

One of the most intriguing bottom wears that a woman has is leggings. Women wear legging, especially with Kurtis. Leggings are selected in accordance with the color of their kurtis. It is very easy to wear and comfortable too. Every woman must possess a legging of each color. If a woman does not have a legging of a specific color, having a black or white legging will always save the day for her.


5) Denim

Be it a man or a woman, a child or an aged person, denim remains the favorite bottom wear of everyone. Denim goes perfectly with any type of clothes be it a top or a kurti. We can wear denim on any occasion, be it formal or informal. They are very easy to wear and do not require any special occasion to make them one’s choice. Besides being rough and tough, they are really very easy to carry and maintain.

So run to your wardrobes and check whether you have each of these. If the answer is no, then rush to your nearest market and get them all. 

Image Source : imagesbazaar