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5 Effective Home Remedies for Knee Pain Relief

Parul Sachdeva | April 22, 2018

It sounds beautiful to get down on your knees when you are in love but it is extremely painful to go weak at your knees due to unbearable knee pain. Knee pain can strike suddenly and may make it difficult for you to do your everyday chores too. Most women suffer from knee pain nowadays.

Here are some simple yet powerful home remedies for knee pain-

1. Fat-Hen or Bathua leaves

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You must have relished the delicious parathas made of bathua leaves but have you ever heard that these amazing leaves can lessen knee pain? Drink Bathua juice to increase blood circulation in your body and get instant relief from knee pain.


2. Dandelion leaves

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The name might not be that popular but it has various benefits. Dandelion leaves are rich in Vitamin A and C that aid in repairing damaged tissues.


3. Lemon

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Did you know that lemon juice can help to cure your knee pain? Lemon is full of citric acid which eliminates the accumulated uric acid in your joints. This is one of the main causes of unbearable knee pain.


4. Mustard oil

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Mustard oil improves blood circulation in your body and helps to rid of swelling and pain in knees.


5. Fenugreek and water

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Fenugreek seeds are best known for their anti-inflammatory properties since ancient age. These seeds provide warmness to knees and reduce pain in an effective manner.

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Parul Sachdeva


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