6 Home Remedies for Iron Deficiency in Women

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Most women suffer from the deficiency of iron. They lose blood during menstruation which is one of the primary reason for iron deficiency anemia.  Due to this, women suffer from fatigue, yellowing of the skin, and become irritable. Although iron supplements can be taken with a doctor’s prescription, however, you can also increase iron in your body with certain foods.

Let’s have a look at some foods that help to increase iron in the body –

1) Eat lots of Greens

Regular consumption of green leafy vegetables in your diet can reduce iron deficiency in the body very easily. The green vegetables such as spinach, celery, broccoli have a high amount of chlorophyll in them. The spinach is particularly high in nutrient contents such as Calcium, Vitamin A, B9, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, Fiber, and Beta-carotene. If you boil half a cup spinach, add 3.2 mg Iron is found. Apart from this, the consumption of a bowl of spinach can reduce about 20% of iron deficiency in the woman’s body immediately.


2) Add Beetroot and Pomegranate to your Diet

If you want to use home remedies to remove the iron deficiency in your body, you can take beetroot or pomegranate juice. Beetroot is a very good source of Folic acid. It can also be taken in the form of a salad with apples and carrots. Apart from this, pomegranate has high mineral content particularly potassium, copper, and iron.


3) Drink Turmeric Milk

Turmeric and curd, both are rich in nutrients and are effective in treating iron deficiency. By drinking turmeric milk every morning and evening, you can treat the iron deficiency in your body in very short time.


4) Take Foods containing Vitamin B12

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 is often a cause of iron deficiency. If you wish to treat iron deficiency, treat Vitamin B12 deficiency first. For this, drink milk and consume milk, poultry products, fish and red meat. Vitamin B12 helps your body in making healthy red blood cells and also helps in keeping nerve cells healthy.


5) Incorporate Meals having and Abundance of Vitamin C

Regular consumption of Vitamin C rich foods can also help remove the iron deficiency from the body by enhancing the absorption of non-heme iron. For this eat juicy fruits like orange,  grape, tomato, guava, apple, banana, and vegetables like jackfruit, turnip, cabbage and green coriander.


6) Eat Plenty of Dry Fruits

Eating nuts, dates, and raisins can help overcome iron and vitamin C deficiency in the body. They can be eaten as a snack. Dry fruits are rich in Vitamin C. The iron present in dry fruits is instantly absorbed by the body. You should also include dried apricots in your diet.

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