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7 Different Ways of Wearing Stoles/Scarfs (with video)

Nupur Kumari | April 17, 2018

A stole is one of the most liked accessories of people of all age-groups nowadays. Be it warm or chilly, stoles are trendy in all seasons. Besides being trendy, it also protects us from heat and cold weather.  There are many types of stoles available in the market, they differ from each other in colors and designs. In the summer season, light-colored stoles are preferred whereas dark colors are preferred during the winter season. Stoles give you a stylish look. Let us discuss some trendy ways of wearing stoles today :

1) French knot stole :

french knot stole

This style acts like an icing on the cake to your beauty and style. Hold the stole from half, turn it and wrap it around the shoulders following the neck and making a loop. Then put one end inside the other end and grab the open edge and pull it.


2) Knotted necklace stole :

knoted neckless stole

This gives you a funky look. In this, tie your stole around your neck, then grab one edge and make a loop and put the other edge inside this loop. This style of wearing the of the stole is very comfortable indeed. This is a common trend in the summer season.


3) Double-sided twisted stole :

double sided twist stole

The double-sided twisted stole is the most famous and easiest style of wearing a stole. Firstly, put the stole in your neck and then hold one edge and leave the other edge to make a loop from your throat and leave it on the front side of your body.


4) Cozy neck wrap stole :

cozy neck wrap stole

This type of stole is completely tied to the throat. This style is a common trend in the winter season.  Hold the whole stole in one hand and bundle it twice by looping through your throat, then grab both ends and trap it in the loop.


5) Neck wrap stole :

neck wrap stole

To wear a neck wrap style stole, make a loop around the neck. Grab the edges and make a loose knot and put the first loop on this knot in such a way that the knot’s look appears but the knot is not visible.


6) Rolled loop stole :

rolled loop stole

This style enhances your look. In this style, once the stole is made to loop from the throat, then hold one edge and put it in the loop till it is completely inside.


7) Double loop stole :

double loop stole

To wear your stole in this style, make two loops with your stole around your neck. Then bind the two edges together and drag the knot to one side. 

You can also watch this video to learn various other ways of wearing stoles:


With the help of the pictures shown above and the video, you can wear stoles in different ways and make your own style statement. If you also know any different way to wear stole, then share with us.

Image Source: helloglow, google.  

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