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7 Tasty Meals for Teens that are Super Easy too!

Priyanka Verma | September 3, 2018

Every mother wants her child to be healthy and to consume a balanced diet. However, nowadays, children are so choosy that it has become very challenging for mums to come up with new ideas everyday,  which are not only tasty but also good for their teens. 

To make your life easier, Better Butter brings to you 7 tasty meals for teens that are also super easy to prepare:

1) Mini Uttapam Sandwiches

Most teens might not like to to eat a regular uttapam but when you make it into a sandwich, your teen will eat it willingly. Combine the goodness of veggies with a homemade uttapam and you have a tasty meal ready!

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2) Baked Egg & Cheese Maggi Pazzta

Most teens love to eat pasta so this dish is bound to be a great success.  Use Maggi Masala Penne Pazzta, which is made up of semolina (suji), unlike other pasta options which are made of refined flour, for better health and taste. Prepare it in an Italian style with baked eggs, and we are sure your child will relish every bite of this delicious dish!

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3) Veg. Egg Rolls

Children can give a hard time to mommies when they are fed the usual vegetables with chapati. Why not convert the usual vegetables and chapati into a delicious egg roll with veggies? It’s easy to make and very tasty to eat.

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4) Rajma Cutlet

If your child doesn’t like eating rajma, just turn it into an appetizing cutlet to ensure that your child gets the goodness of rajma in their diet. The best part about this cutlet is that most children are not able to make out that it has actually been made from rajma! You can serve it to your child with some tomato ketchup.

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5) Mozzarella Shell Maggi Pazzta Taco

Looking for a tasty and an interesting meal for your child? This recipe is easy, quick and bound to become an all-time favorite. Take a packet of Maggi Tomato Twist Pazzta and give it a delicious twist by transforming it into a mouth-watering taco. This works as a great dinner recipe as well as a tiffin recipe.

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6) Chicken Idli

Most teens like idlis, so you can add some chicken to it to increase its protein content and make it even more tastier. This is a great way to make your child eat their veggies and their chicken together. It is ideal for a tiffin or as an afternoon meal.

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7) Colourful Parantha Bites with Sweet Potato and Salsa Filling

These colorful parantha bites with salsa dip are not just interesting to look at, but also extremely healthy to eat.

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Now that you have so many interesting options, just try one on each day of the week and get an empty plate!

Image Source: Butter Butter

Priyanka Verma


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