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7 Ways Childhood is Different from Our Time

Nupur Kumari | April 3, 2018

Childhood, when we hear the word, we remember our own childhood and in a flashback, we revisit all those sweet memories. It is a very important phase of our life. Just as a strong foundation is needed for a building to be sturdy, similarly for a beautiful life, a memorable childhood is very important. Whether it is sports or toys today’s childhood is very different from our childhood. Today we will discuss some of the many ways in which our childhood is different from today-

1) Games

Indoor games

During our childhood, we were more interested in outdoor games. But today, after the advancement in technology, most of the kids like playing indoor games such as video games. Kids nowadays go to the sports complex to play outdoor games instead of streets or grounds.


2) Eating habits

Junk food

If we talk about eating habits, then there is a lot of change here too. Earlier we used to like homemade food, but today’s kids love to eat junk foods such as pizza, burgers in comparison to homemade food.


3) School


After the development of technology, there has also been a drastic change in the functioning of the school. Nowadays children do not need to take a huge bag to school as they are provided with a locker facility to keep their belongings safe at school. There are many schools that provide online education that was not available in our time.


4) Toys

video games

Nowadays. the toys are very different from our toys. In our time, we used to play with plastic toys, but today technically equipped toys are available in the market which is more attractive and fascinating to today’s kids.


5) Memories of childhood


Nowadays we capture each and every moment, from the birth of our children until they grow up, which was not so easy in our time. At that time, people used a camera to click photos and it was taken out only on special occasions!


6) Hobbies


Reading, singing, and dancing are not hobbies anymore. With the development of technology, the trend of mobile phones, tablets have increased significantly and children have become fond of fashion and selfies.


7) Savings

savings bachpan (1)

Savings for children of our time was related to small piggy banks, but nowadays children save a good amount.


8) The use of electronics gadgets

mobile bachpan (1)

Nowadays children have a lot of love for electronics gadgets like mobile phones and even small kids also know how to use them.

But childhood is a beautiful phase of life and is always be cherished by a person. If you remember some of your childhood memories, you can share them with us.

Image Source: Images bazar, youtube.

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