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Top 10 Trending Blouse Designs

Nupur Kumari | April 3, 2018



Top 10 Trending Blouse Designs

A blouse plays a vital role in giving a beautiful look to any saree. If the blouse is beautiful then even the most simple saree can look very appealing. So let’s have a look at the top trending and popular blouse designs:

1) Heavy Embroidery Designer Blouse

heavy embroidery blouse

In the wedding season what can match the dazzle of heavy embroidery blouse. Kanjiwaram saree, Pallan saree or any designer saree looks very beautiful with all sorts of heavy embroidery blouse.


2) Backless Blouse

backless blouse

The beauty in ones back is reflected in a backless blouse. With this, the open aanchal saree suits well.


3) Off-shoulder Blouse

off shoulder blouse

Nowadays, off-shoulder clothes are quite popular whether it be a blouse or a top or something else. This type of blouse looks better with simple sarees. To get along with this, you can also wear good jewelry which accentuates your neckline.


4) Boat Neck Ruffle Sleeves Blouse

boat neck blouse (1)

Boat neck blouse is quite trendy nowadays. Plated aanchal saree looks amazing with boat neck ruffle sleeves blouse.


5) Golden Blouse

golden blouse

A golden blouse is considered to be the most versatile blouse of the lot. It is always in fashion as it goes well with any saree.


6) Net Blouse

net blouse

Net blouse nowadays is very famous in the fashion world. If there is embroidery on the net, then it adds to the beauty of the blouse.


7) Cold-shoulder Blouse

cold shoulder blouse

Nowadays the cold shoulder is very popular, whether your sarees are trendy designer sarees or Indian traditional ones, it goes well with both types of sarees.


8) Halter Neck Collar Blouse

halter neck blouse

Halter neck collar blouse is a type of sleeveless blouse. It is worn mostly with party sarees because along with being stylish it gives a decent and simple look.


9) Velvet Blouse

velvet blouse

The Velvet blouse has always been in fashion. It is well-suited with a plain saree. Plain saree along with embroidered velvet blouse is an apple to everyone’s eye.


10) Transparent Blouse

pardarshi blouse

A transparent blouse mostly has embroidery on it. When we wear it, only the embroidery is visible, which looks very beautiful.

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