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Beauty Secrets from Around the World!

Loveleen Gupta | September 25, 2018



Beauty Secrets from Around the World!

Since times immemorial, women have looked for products that could not only enhance their beauty but were also cost-effective. While you must have heard of different products like chocolate, fruits, vegetables, gold, milk, blood, fish, etc., being used fairly regularly, there were a lot of other things, and some of these are definitely weird, that women use to take care of their beauty.

Here are some of the strangest things used around the world for beauty regimes: 


1) Argan Oil in Morocco


Argan oil contains squalene, an organic compound, that is responsible for locking in the moisture of the skin. The high concentration of vitamin E, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids make it a great moisturizer, particularly for acne-prone and oily skin. Using this oil increases hydration and boosts cell regeneration.


2) Yarrow Root in Greece

Yarrow root contains flavonoids and salicylic acid. This can help exfoliate the skin, while brightening and tightening it naturally. As it works as a good astringent, yarrow root is primarily used in cleansers made for oily skin. Its healing properties also make it a popular option for treating scars and pregnancy stretch marks.


3) Quinoa in Peru


Rich in vitamins A, B, and E, amino acids and peptides, quinoa, in addition to being a super food, is also  an excellent anti-ageing cure as it promotes the production of collagen. It reduces cellular stress and keeps the skin soft and supple.


4) Rice Water in Japan 


Fermented rice water can be used for the hair as well as the skin. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin E and A, minerals and amino acids (when fermented), rice water can clean the face and scalp of all impurities and prevent dryness and hair loss. Just ensure that one uses the fermented rice water within a week.


5) Sugar in Egypt


Sugar is known to draw moisture from the environment and lock it into the skin. This means that sugar is a natural humectant. It also has glycolic acid which is capable of reaching the deep skin tissues to trigger cell regeneration. As it is gentle, it keeps the skin smoother and hair-free for longer.


6) Tequila in Mexico


Extracted from the agave plant, tequila removes excess oil from the skin while also deeply cleansing it. But one needs to be careful about overusing it as it can overly dry the skin too.

Now that you know  beauty secrets from around the world, just include them in your beauty regime, according to your skin type, and enjoy soft supple skin!