7 Tasty Snacks to keep your Child’s Brain Active During Exams!

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During exam time, parents  get stressed along with their kids. Parents are tense throughout the exams and are unable to get any sleep! Well, instead of getting tense, parents should make efforts to increase their children’s concentration and memory power. But how do you do that?

Here are 7 snack recipes that will keep your child active during exam time: 

1) Healthy Chocolatey Dates and Nuts Energy Bars

Provide your kids with instant energy through these healthy energy bars, that are made using dry fruits and dates.

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2) Cottage Cheese Maggi Pazzta Stir Fry

Loaded with veggies and cheese, the Maggi Mushroom Penne Pazzta gets more tastier and powerful!

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3) Five Spice Flavored Stuffed Cottage Cheese Balls

These flavored cheese balls will drive all the laziness away from your child’s eyes.

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4) Crunchy Peanut Butter Paneer Sandwich

Increase your child’s appetite with chocolate and peanuts.

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5) Steamed Maggi Pazzta Tomato Twist Oats Cake

Maggi pazzta made up of suji with oats is a very healthy combination that energizes children.

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6) Poha Cutlet

When your child needs a tasty snack, give him/her Poha cutlets which have a tangy taste and lots of veggies!

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7) Stuffed Moong Dal ka Cheela

A healthy and complete meal that is perfect as an everyday snack.

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We wish luck to all the children appearing for exams and hope that their tummy is filled with the above snacks when they sit down to study!

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