Best Flower Jewelry Designs for Teej

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The monsoon showers, tasty gujiyas, women playing under trees on swings and mehendi covered hands- Yes you guessed it right! Teej is around the corner. How are your preparing for Teej? We are sure like every year, this year too you, will look very beautiful, but let us try something different this Teej. How about some jewelry made of flowers? We often use flowers to decorate venues , but nowadays flowers are used as accessories to make women look prettier. Jewelry is made using different types of flowers.

Wondering how you can wear flower jewelry all day? Don’t worry, flower jewelry can be worn for the entire day without the flowers drying out. One thing to be kept in mind is that it takes one day to prepare a basic flower jewelry set, so if you plan to wear flower jewelry this Teej, it is better to book in advance.

Let us take a look at some of the best flower jewelry designs-

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