Best Way to Conceal Dark Circles

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Are you unable to get rid of your stubborn dark circles?

Are your dark circles making it tough for you to go out?

Well, you’re not alone! Most women these days face this problem as they have a hectic schedule – they look after the household, their kids and work and seldom get time for themselves.

But, you need not worry! Today, we’re going to tell you a UNIQUE and EASY way to HIDE your DARK CIRCLES!!


Step 1: Take a red or orange lipstick and a lipstick brush.

dark circles step 1 english


Step 2: Now apply the lipstick around your eyes using the brush.

dark circles step 2 english


Step 3: Now take your concealer on a cotton ball and slowly apply

dark circles step 3 english


Step 4: You may use a blender tool to spread it evenly around the eyes

dark circles step 4 english

You’ll now see that your dark circles are completely hidden!


To see the complete video, click below:

Image Source: my10online, youtube

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