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BetterButter Recipes | 5 Snacks You Can Totally Take To a Meeting

Bindiya Sharma | April 18, 2016

By Bindiya Sharma

You have a 6pm meeting which might eat into your dinner time. You know your stomach starts to rumble around 7. What would you rather do, risk being hungry till you reach home or be able to nibble something that you could sneak into your purse and quickly eat during the break. We recommend the latter.

We’ve listed out 5 of our favourite healthy snacks that can be easily made and are all about fuss-free eating. Don’t worry about those chomping sounds or the crinkling of opening a wrapper, these snacks are a winner all the way.

buckwheat cacao

Buckwheat and Cacao Bars:  Packed with high-fiber goodness of buckwheat and the anti oxidant properties of Cacao, these tasty little bites require no baking and will keep you going for a couple of hours easily! Just wrap them individually in cling film and we promise you, you will carry them with you, everywhere!



Fruit Smoothies: Fresh fruit and yogurt, blended to perfection, just fill up your flask with your favourite combination of any single or multiple fruits , carry in a thermos and you are good to go! Tip:Throw in a tbsp of Chia/flaxseed/nuts and enjoy the crunch!



Healthy Banana Oats Cookies  : A weight watcher’s delight, these are our favourite skinny cookies that are bursting with the honest goodness of bananas and the benefit of slow releasing carbs from oats, that can really sustain you for a long time! No butter, no eggs and no flour totally wins our heart.


Rajgire bars

Rajgire Laddus Breakfast Bar : Rajgire or Amaranth, a superfood that is great for diabetics as well as those who want to go the gluten free way. These mineral rich bars will soon be a favourite in your bag or even on your breakfast table!


granola bars

Chewy Granola Bars: These are homemade so minus all that sugary, preservative chemicals that go into store brought granola bars .Instead you get some awesome nuts, seeds and oats that are oh so healthy for the entire family. Added bonus- Pack them in your kids lunchbox too!

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Bindiya Sharma




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