BetterButter Menu | Make That 7-Course Meal That Will & Kate Ate With The Prime Minister

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By Ruchira Hoon

Alright then. Everyone’s talking about them royals, so why should we be left far behind? A first time visit for Prince William and Kate Middleton, their tour of India and Bhutan is wrought with international speculation.

What’s she wearing? Who are they meeting? Why are they here? Honestly, here at BetterButter, we don’t care about any of that except the answer to this question  – What are they eating? Ofcourse, we’re never going to get a blow by blow account of each meal, but we did unearth this little gem from the lunch that the Prime Minister of India, NaMo hosted this Tuesday.



A quick glance at the menu, we realised we can do this too! It was a simple vegetarian meal with fresh flavours that’s pretty quick to put together. While 7 courses sounds extravagant, trust us it’s really not that complicated especially if you’re using these recipes from BetterButter.


Course 1: Steamed Yogurt with Pomegranate Roe
Our version of the Bhappa Doi is creamy, light and absolutely delicious. Made with Greek Yogurt and a gently drizzle of Pomegranate juice, it’s quite a stellar combination



Course 2: Mulligatawny 
The classic Indian soup. Otherwise known as Pepper Rasam – Milagu tanni, this slightly hot and peppery version can give your cold a run for its money.

green pea


Course 3: Green Pea Cutlets with Devilz Chutney
We have no idea what Devilz Chutney could possibly be, but these sweet pea croquettes are just the da bomb. Sweet and savoury they taste like a piece of heaven and are quick to make.



Crispy Potato Shells Stuffed with Pomegranate Seeds
We are assuming these are good ol’ fashioned jacket potatoes that’ve been scooped out and then filled in with some yogurt and pomegranate. We ofcourse have our own “tikki” version of this dish which has been filled with cheese.

1449486295amAasi6VhY_thumb (4)

Course 4: Mushroom Qoormah
Cashew nuts, check. Yogurt, check. This delicately spiced Mushroom Korma or Qoormah is best eaten warm with some flaky paranthas or flatbread. Our bet is that the royalty couldn’t get enough of this dish.



Course 5: Paneer Dum Anari
Another pomegranate based dish, Anaari Paneer is a big favourite here at BetterButter. Velvety soft cottage cheese, in a tangy gravy with dried pomegranate powder or anardana topped with sweet ruby red kernels of pomegranates. So good!



Course 6: Shahi Tukda
Ofcourse the royals deserve, not one, but two glorious quintessential desserts. First up, the Shahi Tukda, or literally translated a Royal piece. Deep-fried bread topped with sweet rabri, this is definintely a piece of Indian history that shouldn’t be missed



Course 7: Falooda
This layered dessert loaded with fruit, sweet sauces, vermicelli and nuts has to be absolutely chilled to enjoy it to the fullest. No doubts that’s what the royals did with this scrumptious dessert.

Finally, they wrapped their meal up with some tea and coffee, something we have a huge repertoire of at BetterButter.

Do you like this menu? Or would you have served them something different. Tell us what you think.

3 thoughts on “BetterButter Menu | Make That 7-Course Meal That Will & Kate Ate With The Prime Minister

  • April 15, 2016 at 8:50 pm

    Sounds more fancy on the menu as you say

  • April 18, 2016 at 6:38 am

    Fantastic menu nd soul filling way of bb presentation. Simply delicious yet so simple.thanks for the share.

  • May 15, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Devil’s chutney is an Anglo Indian chutney with kashmiri chilly, vinegar and raisins. It looks fiery red and hence the name devil’s chutney,

    BTW I love the re-creation


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