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10 Delicious Edible Homemade Gifts!

Bindiya Sharma | December 18, 2015



10 Delicious Edible Homemade Gifts!

By Bindiya Sharma

We love getting presents, so how about giving some this season. Instead of buying things off the shelves, we suggest you make some fabulous things in your kitchen to giveaway to your friends and family. We’ve put together some delicious, some easy and some amazing dishes that can be made ahead, packaged beautifully and then all you have to do is wait to hear those accolades.

Banoffee in a jar– Toffee, bananas, biscuit base, what could be easier. It’s like all your dreams in a jar.

Oats Nut Crispbread– Make these ahead and wrap them beautifully to make for a whimsical gift. Pair them with a glass of wine and some cheese and wait for that perfect evening to progress.

Aubergine pesto –  Chockful of of fresh basil, garlic and basil flavour, this unusual pesto is just perfect on top of freshly baked bread!

Chewy granola bars – It’s hard to say no to this nutrition packed goodies.  Fiddly and easy to make, these set the precedent for that healthy resolution you’ll make every new year.

Eggless snowman cookies– It’s almost like you can have your private white christmas when you bake up this cute little surprises.

 Stuffed monkey bread – Delicious and sticky, this monkeybread has been  stuffed with cream cheese and chocolate chips to make for a delectable present.

Grissini– Or otherwise known as bread sticks, these thin sticks of carb fun pair well with a bottle of your favourite dip or marinara sauce!

Plum Cake– Boozy fruits , nuts and spices! What’s not to like! Especially since Christmas is incomplete without this.

Chocolate truffles – A DIY tutorial and a recipe that makes the perfect chocolates. A  great gifting option for kids and adults alike!

Orange marmalade- An old favourite, tha’s been spiced up with a touch of cinnamon, people will ask you for this recipe over and over