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8 Christmas Recipes from Across the World That You Just Have to Make

Team BetterButter | December 21, 2015

By Ruchira Hoon

Alright. So we’re 4 days away from Xmas. You didn’t soak those fruits back in June.  And you didn’t mull your rum back in October. But fear not, BetterButter is here to save Christmas.

Around the world, Christmas is celebrated with two things – lots of love and plenty of food. Sweet, spice and everything nice, that’s the basic USP of this global festival. We are looking at recipes from Croatia, Scotland, France, England and America to make this holiday extra sweet for you.

We’ve got a range of Xmas recipes that barely take any time to put together. You can steam ’em, fry ’em and bake ’em. Basically, do whatever you find simple and easy.

Yule Log
Also known as Buche de Noel in France, this sweet roulade uses good quality chocolate for its icing while a simple sponge makes for the cake. Dressed up with Xmas decorations, this is a perfect party dessert.

Chocolate Sugar Cookies 
A twist on the regular American sugar cookies, these cookies are a breeze to make. What’s even better is that your friends and you can have a blast decorating them too.

This Norwegian Christmas Bread traditional uses citrus zest and warm spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Served toasted with some butter, it has to be eaten with cheese, some jam and mulled wine.

Mince Pie
Not to be confused with meat that has been minced, mince meat is sweetened dried fruits that is soaked in brandy or rum. These traditional English Christmas dessert is supposed to be eaten every day for 12 days for good luck.

Croation Fritule
These mini sweet fried doughnuts are a like little flavor bombs that explode in your mouth. It’s those soft raisins in them that just make completely addictive. And if you like you can add a splash of rum to the batter.

Speculoos Cookies
Made with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and dark brown sugar, these Dutch bad boys are a must make this Christmas. These cookies come together in 5 minutes and barely take 15 minutes to bake.

Dundee Cake
Not to be confused with Crocodile Dundee, this rich fruit cake has Scottish roots. The USP of this cake is the additional of marmalade which gives it a deep citrusy tang.

Christmas Pudding
Steamed and filled with all the winter spices and dried fruits, this traditional English pudding is often a show-stopper at dinner parties. Make some vanilla brandy custard and you’re in for a treat.

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