Cold Pressed Juices – Hype or Healthy

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While walking through the juice corners, you might have come across cold-pressed fruits or veggies juice. Some of you might have even tried these because they are known for their health benefits. But, is it really healthy or it’s just hype? Let’s discover!

Today, most of the people are becoming health conscious. So, the market is filled with an array of products that are known to be good for health. Cold Pressed Juices are one of them.

What are cold-pressed juices?

Cold-pressed juices are prepared by hydraulically pressing fresh fruits/vegetables to extract maximum juice and nutrients from them. Since, it is a natural process that takes place with little application of heat or oxygen, these juices have most of the nutrients intact in them.

Earlier, these juices had a life of about three to four days, but now they can be consumed until a month. Let’s take a look whether such hyped juices are healthy or just a source of extravagance in our life.

Hype or Healthy?

Have you ever purchased a ‘Cold-Pressed Juice’? If yes and that too continuously, then you might be aware that it is quite expensive in comparison to fruit. Buying cold pressed juices means creating an imbalance in your grocery budget because even a single bottle can be quite expensive. When we have a great option of eating fruits and veggies in their raw form, then why we are going after their liquefied form?  Purchasing this pricey juice is really worthwhile? Let’s find out:

It is believed that cold-pressed juices require less heat and oxygen which saves it from losing most of its essential nutrients. One bottle holds maximum vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are present in a single fruit. Such claims are made but they have not been proven by any study or research.

Well, a coin has two sides! If a thing is known for its pros, then one should study its cons too.

Can a fruit juice provide you all the nutrition that our body requires? Can your body stay healthy just by drinking cold-pressed juice? Obviously No!

Furthermore, packed juices do not provide fiber to the body which we usually find in the fruits. Even the home-made juice doesn’t preserve every mineral that our body needs. Going after too many juices can even cause a problem in our intestines. Fruit juice can elevate our sugar level as it increases calories and it can even cause diabetes. Drinking a large amount of cold-pressed juice can be uncomfortable both for our pocket and our stomach. Moreover, the calories derived will not satisfy your appetite in the same way as a balanced diet does. So, according to us, you can go for cold-pressed juices occasionally but it is better to consume fruits to extract all its nutrients.

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