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Cookie Recipes in Hindi

15 Cookie Recipes That Are Absolutely Delicious And Easy To Make

Saumya Srivastava | July 2, 2021

We all love munching snacks during our snack time! Isn’t it? The crunchiness of cookies is so tempting that you will always want more of them. Cookies are the best partners with tea or even milk. From butter cookies to chocolate cookies, there is a range of cookies for you to make. Most often, we opt to buy cookies from the market as this seems the easiest option. However, you can make cookies easily at home too. So, we have made a list of the top 15 cookie recipes that will treat your taste buds with different flavours. These recipes are so easy to make that you can make them anytime. 

15 Cookie Recipes That You’ll Love

1. Red Velvet Cookies

Cookie recipes

Red velvet cookies are one the most delicious cookie recipes. The unique flavours of red velvet cookies are extremely mouth-watering to resist. These delicious cookies can make even your bland day more delightful. You can make this with a handful of ingredients like flour, cocoa powder, cheese, and more. So, get ready to enjoy this delectable cookie with your loved one.

Recipe link: Red Velvet Cookies

2. Cheese Cookies

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Are you a cheese lover? If yes, then cheese cookies are the perfect choice for you. Cheese cookies are another type of cookie that is quite different in taste and flavour. These super crunchy cookies let you drool into an amazing world of cheese. You can also add some nuts to these cookies to further enhance the taste of the cookies.

Recipe link: Cheese Cookies

3.Chocolate Oreo Cookies

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Oreo lover here is a treat for you. Chocolate oreo cookies are made with the goodness and flavours of chocolate. When you make these cookies with lots of chocolate, you will immediately get tempted by the chocolate flavours. Whether it’s a kid party or any celebrations, chocolate oreo cookies will set the flavours just perfectly. 

Recipe link: Chocolate Oreo Cookies

4. Eggless Sugar Cookies

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Here is another homemade cookie recipe for you. This is a cookie recipe without eggs and is thus a perfect choice for all the vegetarians out there. So, go ahead and bake your cookies without eggs. Pair the eggless sugar cookies with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy your snack time. 

Recipe link: Eggless Sugar Cookies

5. Italian Peach Cookies

cookie recipes

Want to give your cookies an Italian touch? Then, you must try making Italian peach cookies. You can make these with lots of peaches and enjoy these home-baked cookies. The taste of peaches coupled together in the cookies is so good that you will always crave more.

Recipe link: Italian Peach Cookies

6. Karachi Tutti Frutti Cookies 

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Karachi bakery is known all over the world. The range of cookies that this famous bakery provides is endless. And one of the best selling cookies here is the tutti frutti cookies. Ever thought of making this popular cookie at home? If yes, then here is the recipe. These cookies, enriched with a fruity taste, are simply amazing.

Recipe link: Karachi Tutti Fruity Cookies

7. Amaranth Cookies

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Want to add some nutrition to your cookie recipes? Yes, you can even reap health benefits from this delectable food item by choosing the right ingredient. Amaranth or rajgire flour contains proteins and other nutrients. These nutrients nourish your body with a number of health benefits. Whether you are facing high blood sugar levels or hypertension, amaranth cookies can help a lot. 

Recipe link: Amaranth Cookies

8. Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Here is another type of cookie that you can make with chocolate. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is so easy that you can make it on all occasions. The flavours of chocolate in cookie form becomes an absolute treat for a chocolate lover. So, do not forget to enjoy this delectable cookie.

Recipe link: Chocolate Chip Cookies

9. Spinach Cookies

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Another way of adding health value to your cookies is by making spinach cookies. Spinach cookies are extremely healthy for your body and keep your fitness in check. As spinach contains most of the nutrients, spinach cookies too are beneficial for nourishing your body. Reap the benefits of spinach with this homemade cookie recipe.

Recipe link: Spinach Cookies

10. Coconut Cookies

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You can make a number of food items with coconut. And one of the best items that you can make with coconut is coconut cookie. Coconuts also carry a number of health benefits. So, making a coconut cookie is a must if you want to enjoy some health benefits too.

Recipe link: Coconut Cookies

11. Cappuccino Cookies

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Cappuccino cookies! Yes, you have heard it right! If you like the flavour of coffee, then we are sure that cappuccino cookies can delight your taste buds too. The aromatic and tempting flavours of coffee in the cappuccino cookies refreshes you perfectly. So, sip a cup of tea with cappuccino cookies.

Recipe link: Cappuccino Cookies

12. Pizza Cookies

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Pizza cookies, wait what! Yes, pizza cookies! The pizza cookies recipe is an amazing way of making cookies in an Italian pizza manner and is too unique. You can follow the pizza cookies recipe given below to drool over the flavours of this tempting fusion. This delicacy is sure to fill your mouth with a burst of flavours.

Recipe link: Pizza Cookies

13.  Chocolate Cookies

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Looking for some more chocolate cookie recipes? Then, this simple recipe is right there for your help. You can add lots of chocolate so that your craving for chocolate gets satisfied. Relish the flavours of these delectable chocolate cookies with your loved ones and make your day memorable.

Recipe link: Chocolate Cookies

14. Peanut Butter Cookies

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Peanut butter cookies are another tasty cookie that you can make. We know how most of you like the taste of peanut butter. So, we have brought a peanut butter cookie recipe for you. This amazing recipe is easy to make and requires a handful of ingredients. 

Recipe link: Peanut Butter Cookies

15. Walnut Cookies

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What more can we ask when taste and health benefits come hand in hand. Walnut which contains a number of essential nutrients is important for the well being of your body. So, making cookies with walnuts is always a good option. Add lots of walnuts so that the cookies become irresistible.

Recipe link: Walnut Cookies

All in all, these home-baked cookies are a must to be there on your snacks list. 

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