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Bakrid 2021: 12 Delectable Eid Recipes To Relish During The Celebrations

Saumya Srivastava | July 1, 2021

Bakrid is a festival that holds immense significance for Muslims all over the world. It is also known as Eid-Ul-Adha or Bakra Eid. The literal meaning of Bakrid is the festival of sacrifice. On this day, Muslims sacrifice a male goat to commence the celebration of Bakrid. And like all other Indian festivals, even the zest of Bakrid is incomplete without you making some delectable dishes. From sweet seviyan to mutton curry, there are a number of dishes that you can make on Bakrid. These dishes are made not only for the family but as a part of the tradition, these Bakrid dishes are even given to the poor. So, here is all about the tradition behind Bakrid and a list of Eid recipes to make this day more special. 

Bakrid 2021: Why Is Bakrid Celebrated?

The festival of Bakrid lasts for 3 days. According to the legend, Prophet Ibrahim in order to prove his faith and devotion to God had to sacrifice something which was very dear to him. To prove his devotion, the Prophet made a sacrifice of his 13-year-old son, Ismail. However, it is said that God intervened and placed a goat instead of his son. Hence, from then on a male goat is sacrificed on the day of Bakrid. The significance of this sacrifice is such that the male goat is divided into three equal parts. While two parts are meant for family and relatives, the third part goes to the poor and the needy. So, to celebrate this day of faith, Muslims pay a holy visit to mosques and offer prayers. Later, to complete the feast, here are some Eid special recipes that you can make. 

12 Bakra Eid Recipes That You’ll Love

1. Seviyan

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Seviyan is a special food during all Muslim festivals. The importance of seviyan is such that it is often exchanged with each other as a token of sharing happiness. It is also an absolute delight for sweet dishes lovers. You can make this using roasted vermicelli and adding a lot of milk and sugar to it. It is also called vermicelli pudding or vermicelli kheer. Add a lot of dry fruits like cashew, almonds, etc so that the taste reaches another level.

2. Shahi Tukda

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Sahi tukda is undoubtedly one of the Bakrid special foods. This dish is so appealing that just a glimpse of it is enough to tempt you. You can make this with bread which you will have to deep fry. And on the other hand, you must prepare a saffron flavoured milk which you will add to the bread pudding. Add a lot of dry fruits like cashew, almonds and more to level up the flavours of this dish. You can also follow our shahi tukda recipe for a delectable time. 

3. Bhuna Kaleji

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Bhuna kaleji is one of the most tempting starters for the Barkrid celebrations. This appetizing dish is made with mutton. You can spice it up with a lot of aromatic and Indian spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric and more. Also, add garlic, onions, chillies and more to make this dish even more delicious. You can enjoy this dish with green chutney or even pair a rumali roti with it.

4. Rose Faluda

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Rose faluda is a type of delicious beverage that you can relish during the festival of Bakrid. This mouth-watering drink is flavoured with the aromatic flavours of rose water and is simply irresistible. You can also add a number of dry fruits like nuts, raisins, and more to take the taste of this drink to another level. 

5. Mutton Kebab

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Yet another Bakra Eid recipes include mutton kebab. The mutton kebab is a special part of the Bakrid celebrations and is too tasty at the same time. It is so soft from the inside and crispy from the outside that you can never have enough of it. The moment you eat mutton, it simply melts in your mouth. You can also follow our mutton seekh kebab recipe.

6. Kheer

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Kheer is one such dish that is always a part of almost all Indian festivals. You can make a range of kheer like makhana kheer, sabudana kheer and more. Kheer is Bakra Eid special recipe that is synonymous with any celebrations. So, if you have a sweet tooth then do not forget to try this delectable sweet dish. 

7. Corn Pakoda

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Are you looking for options for starters for the Bakra Eid celebration? Then, we suggest you add corn pakoda to the list. This dish is made with the goodness of corn and is extremely crunchy from the outside. And when you flavour corn pakoda with different spices like pepper, chilli and more, it becomes extremely tasty. The best part about corn pakoda is that you can easily make it with a handful of ingredients. 

8. Chicken Biryani

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The royal and the ultimate comfort dish, chicken biryani needs no introduction. Chicken biryani is an absolute delight for biryani lovers. The aroma of spices, the taste of rice and the flavours of chicken, make the chicken biryani even more tempting. This is a wholesome dish that you can enjoy with curd or raita. Do not forget to top chicken biryani with caramelized onion to level up the flavour of chicken biryani. Here is an easy chicken biryani recipe for your ease and comfort. 

9. Mutton Korma

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Korma is a tasty dish that dates back to the times of Mughal. Mutton korma is made with mutton pieces which you can later add to a thick and creamy gravy. This gravy dish of mutton goes best with naan or rice. You can even enjoy mutton korma with sheermal which is a traditional type of Indian bread. 

10. Thandai

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Thandai is an absolutely refreshing beverage that you can make. What makes thandai more special are the instant cooling effects that it produces on your body. You can garnish it with a lot of grated dry fruits and fennel. Thandai which is made with the goodness of milk is irresistible due to its authentic flavours. And if you are looking for a thandai recipe, here is an easy thandai recipe for you. 

11. Dates Halwa

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Dates occupy a special place during the Eid celebrations. You can make a number of recipes with dates. And dates halwa is undoubtedly one of the most special Eid recipes. Eating dates halwa is also important as dates are extremely beneficial for the body. Dates contain most of the required nutrients too. So, do not forget to make dates halwa for Bakrid.

12. Chicken Tikka

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Chicken tikka is another starter for Eid celebrations. So, get ready to savour this delicacy which is blessed with smoky flavours and tandoori masala. All you need to do is marinate the chicken in yoghurt and later roast it with charcoal for reaping its exotic flavours. This dish is a must-try during this joyous festival.

Thus, these Eid special recipes are sure to fill your mouth with a burst of flavours.

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