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Fine and Specialty Snack Trends

Team BetterButter | March 18, 2019

Snacking has come a long way and who doesn’t love it. Snaking between the meals, in outings, in movies, we constantly need something to munch along while we are having a good time. But since, as consumers, we have become aware and health conscious, and thanks to FSSAI, we get to know about what we are consuming and in what quantities (and most of it is harmful), we can see a shift from unhealthy to healthy snacking. So, if snacking is something you love, here is a list of healthy snack alternatives that can be a boon for you.


  1. Nutrition and Protein Bars:
    The rising range among the health-conscious people have made it to the top of our list of healthy snacking options. Full of nutrients, a single bar will not only curb your hunger pangs but will also provide you healthy nutrients that you need to stay fit and healthy.
  2. Multigrain Chips:
    Chips is the most snacked food item among all age groups. From kids to adults no one can really say no to it, so rather than munching on the potato chips, we should shift to healthy chip options like multigrain or vegetable chips. A lot of companies have started manufacturing these options without compromising on the taste.
  3. Mixed Nuts:
    An ideal nutritious snack, nuts are known to be the healthiest snacking options that help to prevent diseases and certain cancers. The taste is amazing and their shelf value is long. We are able to find various packs of mixed nuts today, to give you the variety of tastes and benefits of all.
  4. Greek Yogurt:

    A great source of calcium and potassium, Greek Yogurt is also rich in protein. You just have to open the lid of the pack and enjoy delicious yogurt that will help you stay healthy, and are available in different flavours.
  5. Fruits:

    Surprised, right? Well, fruits are the simplest way of healthy snacking. Its consumptions require little efforts and it gives maximum benefit. Extremely satisfying, you can also try the option of dried fruits that are making the rounds in the market.
  6. Himalayan Salt Based Snacks:

    The conventional snack foods have high amounts of salt that leads to high blood pressure level and other heart problems. Majority of people are shifting to low sodium snack options. And thus, Himalayan Salt Based Snacks are gaining popularity in the market.
  7. High Fibre Biscuits:

    High fibre and oats biscuits have made way in our homes where the evening tea is being accompanied by them. The simplest way to start your healthy diet plan.
  8. The Seed Snacks:
    Yes, you heard it right. The newest trend of healthy snacking today is a packet of seeds that has different health benefits than the other. There are a lot of snacking options in the variant like watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, which are all not only edible but also provide you with health benefits.

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