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Home Remedies to treat Urine Leakage

Kavita Uprety | May 24, 2018

Urinary incontinence is a common problem affecting men and women equally. It is a very distressing problem for some people. More importantly, it may put them in embarrassing and awkward situations in public. In a nutshell, urinary incontinence is an unintentional loss of urine and needs immediate medical intervention.  Whatever be the problem, there are some very effective home remedies that can improve the ability to control urination to a great extent –

1) Elderly People are more Prone to this

Reasons for this problem may vary ranging from a weak bladder to nerve or muscle damage, malfunctioning of the prostate gland and menopause in females. It may have various types such as stress incontinence, urge incontinence and overflow incontinence.

2) Kegel Exercises

Kegel is an exercise to tighten the pelvic area and is highly effective in urinary leakage. It is very simple and involves only three steps. While urinating, stop the urine flow in midstream, hold it for a few seconds and start again. The muscles which are being used to hold the urine flow are the ones which need to be held and released during the Kegel exercise. Repetition of this process makes the pelvic area strong and reduces urinary leakage. 


3) Yoga

Yoga helps in tightening the pelvic muscles and has benefits similar to that of Kegel exercises. It is also helpful in relieving anxiety which can also be a reason for urinary leakage in some cases. Some effective yoga asanas for this include Ashwini mudra which strengthens the bladder sphincter, sitting in Vajrasana and practicing Mula bandha which makes the lower part of the body strong.


4) Losing Weight

Studies have shown that losing weight can also be helpful in controlling urine leakage. Reduced weight helps the pelvic muscles to stop leakage of urine, particularly in women.


5) Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects   

Lifting heavy objects such as a water bucket can put abnormal pressure on the pelvic area, which then stimulates uncontrolled urine leakage. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid lifting heavy objects.


6) Train your Bladder

It is also seen that urinating under a scheduled timing pattern helps in resisting the urge to urinate at any time. This certainly helps in unintentional urine leakage.


7) Acupressure

Acupressure is considered a very effective alternative treatment to any diseases and has also proved to be helpful in treating urinary leakage. The pressure point is on our middle figure between the upper and middle joint towards the thumb. This point is termed as SP8. Simply press the point with your finger or place a fenugreek (methi) seed with a paper tape on this point and wrap tightly. The constant pressure created by the seed on this point is seen to be helping patients in reducing the problem.

A diet rich in vitamin D and magnesium is also helpful in alleviating urinary incontinence as both are helpful in muscle relaxation and improving muscle strength. Yoga and acupressure must be learned from a certified practitioner before performing them on your own to derive maximum benefits and to avoid injury or side effects.

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