Homemade Summer Salad

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Summer is by here, with all of those fresh vegetables and fruits in the market, your options are endless for a beautiful summer Salad. When the heat of the day got the best of you, salad for dinner sounds a lot more better than a hot and heavy meal.

So,here are our tips to create your own inviting Salad :


1.Make your own dressing

Give a creative twist to your dressings, go bolder than you think you need to.  Once dressing combines with your greens and other ingredients, the flavors can get a bit “diluted”.
Fresh ingredients give the dressing an extra  flavor
The classic ratio for  homemade vinaigrette is three parts oil to one part vinegar. However, you can change it more towards two to one if you like your dressings on the acidic side.
Once you know the ratio, you can mix and match with lots of ingredients.

2.Combine different colours textures and flavours:

Summer is a great time to find all sorts of colorful veggies and fruits.  Make it pretty!
Keep texture and flavor in mind when you mix. Like-Romaine and iceberg have more of a crunch than spinach or arugula.

3. Soak your greens :After chopping your greens, soak them in cold water while you chop the other ingredients.  They’ll perk up and become nice and crisp. Drain and spin when you’re ready to assemble.

4. Think beyond the leafy greens :
Think beyond greens. I dare you to even leave them behind.
Try a combination of other vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, cooked grains, and bread. You can add something crunchy like nuts or  something cream like crumbled goat cheese With all of these elements in one bowl, a salad can be the most satisfying meal!

5. Final Tip :

Lettuce-based salads are best when dressed immediately before serving. But if you’re making a pasta salad or a potato salad, you can make them the night before (or even a day or two in advance) and they’ll hold up well in the refrigerator.

Do you have your secrets for a summer salad , do let us know.

Image Sources: Pixabay. Flickr.

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