How Aishwarya Rai lost her Excess Weight with Water Therapy

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Aishwarya Rai is an actress who even while being active in the showbiz, considers becoming a mother to be her greatest fortune. She paid no heed to what the world was saying about her weight gain and decided to take her time to reduce the weight she gained after her pregnancy. She also said that she had the option to undergo surgery but she didn’t do it. Rather, she motivated many women to be comfortable in their own skin. When she made her comeback with the movie “Jazba”, everybody from her critics to her fans were shocked. So let us find out how water therapy and the right diet brought Aishwarya Rai back to “56 Kg”-

Water therapy makes you beautiful

Like everybody else, Aishwarya also believes that there are no calories in water, therefore it helps in weight loss and makes the skin glow. If you too want to lose weight and get glowing skin, then follow the rules that Aishwarya did –

Rule No. 1:  Drink 1 glass of water by mixing lemon and a few drops of honey every morning.

Rule No. 2: The former Miss World drank at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Rule No. 3:  She said good-bye to tea, coffee and cold drinks.

Rule No. 4:  You can easily see the miracles of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning on Aishwarya’s face.

Rule No. 5: Consume vegetable soup regularly.

Water therapy is a natural way of losing weight. Drinking the correct amount of water makes your skin beautiful, your hair thicker and your body fit. But along with water therapy, Aishwarya also took the help of the right diet and followed a healthy workout routine.


Aishwarya’s diet chart looks something like this: 

Breakfast: Morning breakfast should be done like a king and Aishwarya Rai eats within 1 hour of waking up in the morning. She takes brown bread toasts and oats mixed with fresh vegetables.

Lunch: Lentils, rice, and vegetables have a great importance in her life and she takes a very simple diet comprising of the above.

Snacks: Instead of eating junk food, Aishwarya prefers to eat fresh fruits or vegetables in the evening. She even likes to drink fresh fruits juice and vegetable juice in the evening as well. 

Dinner: She believes that if breakfast is done like a king, then dinner should be done like a pauper. She eats very light food for dinner, like a cup of brown rice and a grilled fish as the food we eat at night is digested very slowly. 


Aishwarya’s Work-Out Plan 

Aishwarya prefers to go jogging and walking in the morning. After this,  she does 45 minutes of “Power Yoga”. She goes to the gym twice a week for cardio and functional training. 

These rules may seem too easy, but to actually follow them regularly takes a lot of determination, passion, and motivation.  Once you make up your mind about something, you will be able to achieve it.  

Image Source: Pinterest, youtube, cosmopolitan India

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