How to use Face Yoga to Lose Fat?

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Whenever we talk about the beauty of a person, the face plays a key role. The face is a very powerful tool. It even lets you communicate your feelings and emotions. Occasionally, when we gain weight, fat starts accumulating in the facial areas also, which reduces our beauty. Nowadays, having a lean and tall face is in trend, but even if your face is a bit chubby and muscular, there is no need to panic. You can make your face lean by practicing yoga. Yoga does not show its effect so soon, but its effect is natural, long-lasting, and painless.

So today, let us discuss some postures of yoga that can make your chubby face look lean and attractive.

During mouthwash, as we fill the water in our mouth, at the same time fill some air in your mouth and move this air to every corner of your mouth. Doing this causes tension in the cheek muscles. This, in turn, tones the cheek muscles and makes them slim and slender.

There are several steps of doing this exercise, some of which are illustrated below :

Step 1

Fill up your mouth with air and keep this posture for 4-5 minutes. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it while cooking, bathing and even while you’re driving.


Step 2

Fill up your mouth with air and move it to one side. Now count till 10 and move the air to the other side and again count till 10.


Step 3

Now move the air in your mouth towards the upper portion of your mouth and count till 10.


Step 4

Now move the air in your mouth to the lower portion of your mouth and count till 10.


To see a complete demonstration of Face Yoga and more such exercises Click below:

Image Source: youtube

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