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Moms 30 Years Ago V/s Moms Today

Priyanka Verma | March 15, 2018

There is a tremendous change in parenting ways from the time our parents raised us and the way we raise our kids. Although both ways of parenting are correct and we are not trying to judge anyone but advancement in technology has had a huge impact on how we bring up our kids nowadays.

Let’s take a look-

1. Moms 30 Years ago: Consulted elders

   Today’s Mom: Search on Google

Moms Then Consulted Elders

For any kind of parenting queries, our parents just used their instinct or consulted well-meaning elders. Back then, they did not have the search engine model. We have to search on google for every single thing! Have we become dependent on the internet?


2. Moms 30 Years ago: Allowed kids to fall

     Today’s Mom: Baby-proof the house

Moms then allowed kids to get hurt

They did not make a big deal of it when we fell. They allowed us to fall and get up on our own. Our generation gets hysterical if our children fall and we make all efforts to babyproof the house in every possible way. I think that’s the reason we are tougher!


3. Moms 30 Years ago: Punished and scolded kids

     Today’s Mom: Dread the consequences of scolding

Moms then scolded kids

My mom didn’t once think before scolding me or punishing me for anything that I did wrong. Today’s parents read so much about not scolding and how it can affect the child’s psyche. The result is over pampering and I don’t think my mom’s scolding made me feel less. In fact, I want to thank her for correcting me the way she did!


4. Moms 30 Years ago: Used home remedies

   Today’s Mom: Rush to the doctor

Moms then relied on home remedies

A fever or a cough used to be cured with a wet cloth and turmeric milk back then while we just rush to the doctor the moment our child sneezes even once! Too many medicines are further reducing our kids’ immunity and they are becoming delicate darlings!


5. Moms 30 Years ago:  Trusted the teacher

    Today’s Mom: Keep an eye on the teacher

Moms then trusted the teacher

Our moms used to trust the teacher blindly and she was the guru. Our moms asked her how the kids are doing at school. Nowadays, we want to see how the teacher is doing, how she’s handling our kids. We even won’t mind having spycams in classrooms with live streaming!

Still confused, were our parents doing a better job at raising us or is our gen better?

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