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Ten useful and practical tips to nurture creativity in your kids

Nithya Lakshmi | April 3, 2018

With vacations around the corner, parents must indulge their kids in such activities which is both useful and enjoyed by their kids. A touch of creativity and uniqueness in whatever your kids do will help them shine in future. In order to build this particular skill, we bring ten useful tips for all parents.

1. Supply with all relevant tools

tool creativity english

In order bring the creative side out, one must have all the required tools like all colors, pencils , sketches, clay to build,draw and paint, or other play tools to project their artistry. You need to embrace their mess in order to bring out their talents.


2. Kids Club

kids club creativity english

Instead of sitting at home you can join your kids in a kids club where they will get a chance to meet a lot of other kids to speak, discuss on topics, play, dance, sing, swim and enjoy their similarities.


3. Share your experience

share your experience creativity english

Parents need to sit with your kids every day and share your experience with them on any particular topic of interest. This will increase their curiosity and will help them build their own bundle of interest in their desired field.


4. Read books

read books creativity english

One of the essential tools for creativity comes from a lot of reading. Buy them a lot of books of their choice and encourage them to read as much as they can. Reading is fun and it will boost their imaginative power.


5. Stepping out with your kids

stepping out creativity english

You need to take them to the zoo, museum or a park to let them see the environment, nature and what surrounds them. This will inculcate their questioning capacity to share more ideas with you.


6. Play play play

play creativity english

Never say no to play. Let them play all kinds of games indoors and outdoors. Bring in different types of learning while they play with blocks, with visuals, audios.


7. Freedom to talk

talking creativity english

Ask them open-ended questions and allow them to express their opinion and feelings. Let them talk and make their own choices in whatever is related to them like selecting a summer class, their outfits, a dish to eat.


8. Importance to culture

culture creativity english

Join your kids in a music or dance class to show them the importance of culture. Such extra activities is sure to bring their creativity to the core. They will not only learn something new but will enjoy the process.


9. Cleaning and organizing

cleaning creativity english

You have to allow your kids to organize their school bag, books, their room and clean on their own to keep it tidy. This will help them bring out their own way of implementing a task and will undoubtedly help in their creative side.


10. Travel to explore

travel creativity english

Not all classrooms have four walls! Take them around to places you wish, once in a while to let them understand different people, places, culture and food. This will motivate them to learn a lot and gain new experiences.

Image Source: india today

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