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The Dancing Nataraja Changed My Life…

Priyanka Verma | August 23, 2018


Personal Story

The Dancing Nataraja Changed My Life…

Reena was in a hurry to finish all her morning household chores so that she could sit and watch her favorite Hindi soap on the television.

Every night, she would get late while doing all the work and so she would always watch the repeat telecast in the morning. Just as she was about to sit and watch the television, her husband came back from his office at 10 am. He had a bad headache and was shivering,  so decided to take leave from the office. Reena turned off the television and made him lie down on the bed. While Reena was sweating in the summer heat, her husband Keshav was feeling cold in spite of 2 quilts. When he puked more than 5 times, she called her family doctor. Some tests were done and dengue was detected. Reena took good care of her husband.

Her husband, Keshav,  had not even recovered completely when her son also had a  very high fever. After 4 days, when her son felt better, Reena’s mother-in-law slipped in the kitchen and broke her knee bone.

Her mother-in-law had to undergo a knee replacement surgery, which was successful. However, after the surgery her knee got infected with pus and her condition deteriorated. Reena had made multiple visits to various different doctors in the past six months. She was unable to understand what was happening in her house! One after the other, everyone was falling ill. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Her childhood friend, Shivani had come to see her. Shivani stayed in another city and while she was on a tour, she decided to meet Reena. Reena was happy to see her but she was too lost and Shivani noticed it immediately. She asked Reena, “What happened? Is everything fine at home?”, Reena replied, “No, not really. I have been visiting doctors everyday since the past six months. I don’t know what’s happening! One after the other, everyone is falling ill. I have to..” Shivani saw something and her expression changed suddenly. She got up and walked towards it.

Shivani asked Reena, “Who brought this Dancing Nataraja?”

Reena – “Oh this? It’s just a show piece. Keshav’s colleague gifted it to us. Forget it, what should I get you?”,

Shivani shunned her and said, “I can’t forget it! When did he gift this?”

Reena- “About 6 months back, so?”

Shivani – “And since when did all these illnesses take over your family?”

Reena replied slowly while thinking, “About 6 months back!” (she got very scared and started wondering what was happening)

Shivani – “You know what? Keeping a Dancing Nataraja in your house is very inauspicious. It brings ill health to the members of the house! According to Vastu shastra, a Dancing Nataraja shows the dance of Nataraja and depicts destruction and that’s the reason why the dance is called ‘Tandav’.”

Reena was speechless and then she said, “Oh my god, I had no idea about this. I will remove it right away.” Reena then removed the Dancing Nataraja from her house.

Shivani, being a Vastu expert, was very knowledgeable about the things that emit positivity and those that spread negativity. What she said was absolutely true. After a few months when Reena called her, she told Shivani that things had started getting better as soon as she had removed the Nataraja from her house. Whether we agree with it or not,  we must respect the science of Vastu!

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