5 Innovative Pasta Recipes that will make your Mouth Water!

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Pasta, although an Italian dish, is much loved by people all over the globe. In India, people of all ages relish pasta and they also like to experiment with it. Pasta is actually a very versatile ingredient and many different flavors can be added to it.

Here are 5 new and exciting pasta recipes to make you drool-


1) Pesto Chicken Stuffed Shell

This easy to make dinner is one of the tastiest meals that you can prepare for your family. Surprise your family with this delicious recipe over the weekend.


2) Maggi Pazzta Garlic Cheese Bombs

Maggi Pazzta, made of suji, gets a delicious twist with garlic and nobody can even guess the stuffing of your garlic bombs. Serve it at your next kitty and get various compliments!


3) Fettuccine with Chicken Makhani Gravy

So you wish to eat Mughlai chicken with a difference? Here’s a tasty innovation that you can give to your chicken makhni.


4) Cannelloni (Pasta Cake )

This is a mouth-watering dish that will make your day and that will satisfy your stomach. 


5) Maggi Pazzta Tarts

Kids love to eat pasta but they eat a very small quantity so why not serve it in the form of tarts at your kid’s next birthday party? Not only will all the kids relish the taste but they will also be able to finish these easily!

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